Sedona, AZ Fly-In Update

Plans for the Sept 20th Sedona Fly-In are proceeding nicely! 18 planes and 36 attendees have signed up so far. (See Events Page)

Plans include:

·	Ramp space reserved for up to 40 planes
·	Airport restaurant outside pavilion reserved. (See attached menu. It’s not just your grandfather’s greasy hamburger stop!)
·	Conference room reserved for:
     o	A presentation given by F. Craig Albright on VFR/IFR cross-country planning
     o	Round table discussion on Cirrus ownership issues. Isaiah Daw, Technical advisor for Cirrus Design will be on hand to answer any tech questions concerning your Cirrus.

· Due to the high interest, our own Jeff Moss is hard at work putting together the final graphic work for a souvenir T-Shirt available for purchase (at cost!). He will be posting the graphics shortly for the attendees with information on final cost, etc.
· Other surprises will be announced shortly.

This Fly-in is also available to non-Cirrus owners who would like to meet with owners of a Cirrus SR20 or 22 who are interested in the plane, but are not ready to talk to “Mr. Sales Rep”.

Non-COPA members are also invited (we know youÂ’re out there!), who would like to find out why they should spend the $50 to join up with 974 other COPA members. (I can personally share how IÂ’ve saved several thousand dollars by being a COPA memberÂ…honest!)

If you have any questions, email me at