Head count for the Southern Cal Cirrus Fly-in

For planning purposes and so the airport and restaurant can have enough help on hand, I would like to get an approximate head count as to whether you think you may attend the March 22 (Oxnard) Cirrus Fly-in. Since Oxnard is located on the coast, weather could be an issue. Please use your best discretion on if it is safe for you to attend.

If you would, please email me at; avi8tor@jps.net and let me know the followingÂ…

  1. Name or N number
  2. Number in party
  3. How sure you think you will make it (20%, 50/50, 99%, etc.)
  4. Cirrus or non-Cirrus airplane
  5. IFR current (in case the weather is marginal, we will know if you may still come)
  6. (Optional) Phone number, in case you want conformation of the event being cancelled at the last minute due to weather.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Your information will make it easier for us to plan parking, and restaurant staff, etc. The first 8-10 Cirri should be able to park together. If you are coming in a non-Cirrus aircraft, we ask that you park in the east ramp.


Jim Campbell
(818) 366-7877
SR20 N7788T


I am planning on it (90%). I might bring a friend. I am happy to give a ride to anyone who needs one. I am IFR current. You can call me at 805-687-4236 or just post on COPA if event is cancelled.

Jim -
80% certain that Barbara and I will be there. I’m instrument current.