Sedona, AZ Fly-in. 2 weeks to go!

“Sedona is voted the most beautiful place in America by USA

Just 2 weeks to go for the Sept 20th fly-in at Sedona, AZ (SEZ). We’re up to 30 Cirrus (and 2 wanna-be’s) and 74 attendees!

Besides the lunch at Sedona’s airport restaurant, there will be a presentation on Cross-Country Flight Planning by F. Craig Albright, and a formal forum on Cirrus ownership issues chaired by co-host Roger Whittier.

Attending will be two Cirrus Design representatives, who can answer your technical questions (or take an order for a shiny new Centennial.[:)]).

Some very nice door prizes donated by Bly Sky Design LLC (Bill Williams) will be given away at the end of the festivities!

There’s still time to register, see the events page on this site. You can also email me at or call (928) 776-7700 for further information.

Can’t wait!