SANDEL 3308 Add-On for FS2002

SANDEL 3308 Add-On for FS2002

Another new add-on product available for FS2002 from “Coyote Avionics” is a working SANDEL EHSI. I have just tried out the free “limited” version over the past few days, and it is incredible. It is an exact copy of the gauge right down to the colors. It even displays the identifiers of any navaids you are tracking, your GS, heading, DME, bearing pointers, and even lets you cycle through Nav1, 2 and GPS, just like the real thing. And that’s just the free version. If you pay the $15, and download the complete version, all the functions are supposed to work.

Unfortunately, I became aware of this new product too late when creating the Cirrus panels available in the MS FS2002 section of the COPA site. If any of you are interested in replacing the generic EHSI that is used in the SR20C or the SR22B version, a few items will need to be changed. To make any of these changes you will need a software program called “FS Panel Studios”, formerly called “cfgedit” at This is the program I used to create all the FS 2000 and 2002 Cirrus panels using the existing Flight Sim gauges. It costs $25 but it is very easy to use and you can change the panel you now have whether you downloaded it from the COPA site or elsewhere.

Once you are able to change you own panels, remove the current EHSI that is in your Cirrus panel, go to download the sn3308, unzip it into your FS2002 gauge folder. If this sounds confusing, and its not, instructions are included in their download read me file.

Good luck. If you have further question, please email me or call for assistance. My phone number is listed in the MemberÂ’s section under Flight sim tech help.

SR20 7788T


When are you going to get the PFD version? [;)]

A friend of mine bought a brand new C-182 a year ago and was all excited it had an IFR GPS in it. May be Cessna will get the PDF with in the next 50 years.