Flight sim 2002

Does anyone know of any SR 22 downloads for MS Flight Simulator 2002? Thanks Mike 402MB

Mike… login into flightsim.com, they have a couple even panels but for the SR20 not the SR22 that I’ve seen.

Hi Mike

Over the past two years I have used the free Cirrus SR20 Add-on for FS2000. The Cirrus SR20 add on model was created by Mike Stone and panel art modified by Alex Davis works good. There are a few very minor flight characteristics that a Cirrus owner would recognize like landing speeds vs. descent rate, etc. See below how to set up a SR22 if you want to fine-tune the SR20 performance as well. I created some freeware custom panels that are very similar to the SR20 A, B , and C avionics options. There is also a set of SR22 A and B panels as well I set up and they were at one time posted on a site created by Gordon Feingold for everyone to download. From what I can see that site has expired. I tried to attach the original “SR20_up” zip file here but I was unsucessful. It was downloaded from the www.flightsim.com site and is freeware. I have not recently discussed having COPA post this file for members yet, perhaps at some point we could set up a “Flight Simmers” section or put them in the “Miscellaneous” section or something at a later date.

As far as FS2002 the “SR20_up” zip file will work there as well. There are a few items that however do not work quite right. You will see in the photo attachment that the DG and VOR is missing. As far as the engine gauges, the tach and MP are slightly different from that of a real Cirrus. If you are good with computers I recommend you go to http://www.fspanelstudio.com/ There is a software program you can download called “Panel Config” for around $24.99 that will allow you to choose the instruments and gauges you like and customize the FS2002 panel however you like. I have been too cheep to do this as of yet. I used the free panel.config version for FS2000 and as I stated above was able to create custom panels for each of the Cirrus avionics versions. The software is really easy to use.

If you want to go another step further you can add a Garmin 430. As you can also see in the panel photo, there is no Garmin GPS, just a generic moving map. There is a web site that has a working 430 you can infuse into your FS2002 panel if you want to practice flying and using the Garmin at the same time. The cost is $24.95. Their site is http://www.fsavionics.com/

As far as making an SR22, there are a few things you can do to change the settings so that the SR20 flys and has similar performance as the 22 in both FS 2000 and FS2002. To make these changes in FS2002 go to the start menu, click Microsoft Games, FS2002, Aircraft Editor. Click on the far left icon and a window “Open Aircraft for Editing” will come up. Scroll down and select SR20. Next a window message comes up stating you can not edit a few things, just click “OK”. On the far left is a “+” sign in front of “SR20”. Click this and then select “Flight Dynamics”. Maximize this screen and then on the far right is a tab for “Tuning”. Within that you need to change two things. Change “Thrust” to 1.2 and “Parasite Drag” to 0.80. This will get you close to the performance of a real 22. You may want to come back here and adjust these setting a few times if you need to.

I did have detailed instructions on how to install the SR20 zip file but I can not seem to find them right at the moment. If you need help give me a call and I will walk you through.

Good luck. I hope to have a follow-up or something on the COPA site soon.

Jim Campbell
(818) 366-7877

Gordon has updated the address where you can go to download the install instructions and the main SR20/22 zip file. Go to…


Make sure you read my install instructions closely if you have not used zip files before.