Flight Simulator

Does anyone know if there is a download for a Cirrus to use on Microsoft Flight Sim 2002? Preferably an SR22.

There are 2 SR-20’s at www.flightsim.com as well as a sim of the Avidyne Flight Max. The aircraft sims are somewhat of a dissapointment, but if someone can incorporate the MFD it would be very nice. As a position holder, there is not much more I can do but fly the sim!

Gordon has been kind enough to post the flightsim.com SR20 files that I have made custom panels for. There is also a SR22 I have modified as well. Go to
If needed use sim for user name and cirrus for password.
You will need winzip to open these files. I have included detailed instructions on how to install them. If you do not have Flight Sim 2000 Pro, there will be some instruments that will not work. I still do not know if these files will work with FS2002.

Good luck, Jim
SR20 N7788T