Cirrus SR20 for Microsoft's Flight Sim 2002

Sorry it took so long but I finally bought MS Flight Sim 2002, and yes the Cirrus will work in it as an add on! There are a few items or short comings at this point. First, the custom panels I created and have posted on Gordon’s site will not work at this time. The default SR20 from will work fine except you will not have a directional gyro. This is also the same file posted on Gordon’s site


Only down load the “sr20up” zip file and directions at this time. The other zip file contains the custom panels for an SR20 A panel, B and C. Unfortunaltly they will not work in FS2002. There are also SR22 panels there as well w/SANDEL. If you have FS2000, you are still in luck.

Once I get time I will make the same custom panels for FS2002. I will let you all know when they are done.
For now the SR20 flys fine in FS2002. It looks a little funny with out a DG. She flys a lot like my SR20, my plane holds a little higher airspeed on final, could be that last wax job.

Good luck, let me know if you have any install problems. I will be happy to assist.

Jim SR20 N7788T

Ever think about modeling the 430 in FS? Now that would make one heck of a training tool.

Dear Gordon, Dear Jim,
I installed SR20 on my FS 2002 as instruction said.
Great but without DG…
I starting to considering re-install FS2000 for try Sandell HSI and also SR22 version and try the difference…
One thing: I flyed two time SR22 (one time in Cannes-France; one time in Duluth - total 60 minute appx) testing also stall with/without power.
On the FlySim the SR20 seem too good to fly… no stall evidence (no wing dropping toleft or to the right…) and much more…
I can’t beleive SR20 is so good. If yes I’ll order another SR20!
Any experience?

Down load and try the Garmin 4XX sim. It is enough of a training tool in and of its self.

There is a Avidyne “FlightMax 850” that can be added on to FS2002. I have an ARNAV in my plane and I am not sure how the smaller screen Flight Max compares. Go to for a review of this option.


Good evening folks.
I’m interested to fly Cirrus in my FS2002 flysim.
Could you inform me where I could download it?
Gordon web-site address?
Thank you.