Remember the Chocks!!!

Hi All,

Only two weeks left until M12 starts in Las Vegas!

For those of you flying into KHND, please remember to bring your own chocks as the FBO does not have enough for all of our aircraft.


Andy, thanks for reminding everyone! Compared to M11 in Mobile, AL, the FBO services this year are minimal. So, everyone should plan on having chocks for their plane. [Y]


One last time: Bring Your Own Chocks.



I may have missed it, but should everyone flying in bring their own chocks? [H]

Be safe and have fun,

Wait what? Missed that too. What type chocks?

Can I bring these?


this seems more appropriate

Oh, crap. I’ve been reading COPA too long. I brought chalks.

Looser. [:D]

You did the right thing. Chalks are much more versatile. You can use them to chock your airplane, or to write on black boards.

Bob, he was making a funny. (As was I with my reply.)

Me, too.

lol. Post of the day Gordon!