Tick-tock goes the M13 count-down clock!

OK. This post plagiarizes an email “blast” that I sent yesterday. My reason for reiterating the conversation is simply that this year, Migration has been scheduled closer to AirVenture than normal. And, I suspect that many COPA pilots who have been planning their trip to KOSH may not realize that there are only eight days left to register for M13 before the rates to up! If you intend to join us at Migration this year (in Addison, TX near Dallas/Ft. Worth), register now. You can do the remainder of your planning after Oshkosh…

With minor tweaks, here’s the missive that I sent to the entire COPA Membership:

Migration 13: Only eight (8) Days Left for “Normal” Registration!

Time is quickly counting down to Migration 13 – Deep in the Heart of Texas, COPA’s largest annual event being held in Dallas, Texas, September 10-13. If you haven’t registered yet, you have until July 28th before registration costs increase, and the M13 commemorative jacket – a $200 retail value – is no longer included in your registration fee. After that date, the registration price will be considerably higher, and the jacket becomes a “special order” item that you’ll have to purchase … or go without.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain knowledge from the seminars, talk to exhibitors one-on-one about your aviation needs and attend great social activities with other Cirrus pilots. As an added bonus, by signing up during normal registration, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a ride in a Huey helicopter and a scenic view of Dallas.

Migration 13 – Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Sign up now by clicking here.

Six days left!


OK! We’re down to three days before registration costs for Migration 13 to up by ~$100/person. And, the jacket (complete with stuff sack) that normally retails for about $200 is no longer included as part of the Migration registration package. (Yes, you can still order one if you want - no longer “free”, however! And, you probably won’t be able to pick it up at Migration Check-In. We’ll have to ship it to you.) So, why wait? If you want to go to Migration, now is**the best time to sign up!



I made my M13 reservation today. When I tried to book a room through the ICH Dallas, it was another story…Reservations said that there was a group rate but that I could only get it through the front desk…after 7 transfers, they basically had no clue what I was talking about. Do we have a group rate at the Intercontinental? Do I need additional information to get access to it?


Paul: We are sorry you had to go through that. Call back Monday morning when the weekend crew is gone. Mention COPA or M13 . As k for Christie the sales manager if you have a problem.

It has been smooth sailing. We assume you got new kid that did not know what they were doing.

We look forward to meeting you at M13

Tim Valentine

Use the dedicated link to the hotel’s M13 website page on the registration page’s tab for the hotel. No need to talk to anybody to get the M13 rate.

Just signed up!

As Wally Said, there is a link on the Registration site to make your hotel reservations. It works unless you want to get a larger more lux room.

Craig, having trouble with M13 registration tonight, the link gets a “server unavailable” error from regonline. May need to extend the deadline a day for those trying to get in tonight. I took some screen shots:

No Shady, we well documented the issue that some were having with IE and how to fix it. See here: https://www.cirruspilots.org/copa/member/cirrus_general/website_help_discussion/f/41/t/148526.aspx

All the way back to July 6.

John I’m using the latest version of iOS & Safari. I can find a Chrome machine elsewhere if a deadline reprieve is feasible.

First I have heard of Safari failing, but yesterday someone report Chrome did not work for them when IE did. Seems very sporadic and device specific. FYI, There is chrome for IOS so you could have tried that as well.

The problem is the date is hard coded in to all sorts of places in the registration form. It would take hours to go in and change the dates.

I am not in charge of the this, but if I were, I would not make the change as members had over 30 days to register and there was plenty of communication.

I just run the computers. This is up to Craig. Talk to him.


Thanks for the alert. Although folks have had many months to register, I will extend the “normal” registration period one day - namely until COB today! I’m doing this only because you’ve had a computer problem. Admittedly, you could have called the COPA office in North Las Vegas or even found another computer. 40+ people registered yesterday apparently without a problem… After today, folks will have to pay the increased M13 registration fee and will not receive the free jacket as part of their registration.

Because the fee structure is hard-coded into the website, you will need to call Donna Cregar at our COPA office in North Las Vegas before COB today. The office phone number is (702)920-2108. Donna will have to manually register you for Migration, take your credit card info, meal selection, jacket size, arrival date/time, etc., etc. She’s busy doing lots of other COPA-related work besides M13. So, if Donna is unable to answer the phone, be sure and leave a message.

Shad, thanks for letting me know of your issue. Please call Donna immediately if you want to avoid late registration.

Blue skies,

Appreciate the consideration Craig, calling Donna now.