Mike Busch needs a lift home to KSMX after M12...anyone willing?

Is any M12 attendee with wings and an unoccupied seat willing to give me a ride home to KSMX after the event on Sunday or Monday? I was originally slated to go home with Gordon Feingold in his Eclipse jet, but it turns out that Gordon’s plane is undergoing major reefit at the Eclipse factory in Albuquerque and will not be flyable until after M12 is over. So I’m wondering if anyone headed home to southern or central California after the event would be willing to give me a lift back to Santa Maria (KSMX)?

I am presently in Las Vegas, will be attending M12 from Thursday’s COPA Cabana through Saturday’s banquet, but would really like to avoid becoming the poster child for “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas.”

I’m happy to accommodate your departure schedule – anytime Sunday or Monday is fine – and do whatever I can (legally) to repay your kindness. This might include paying for fuel, working the radios, acting as CFII or safety pilot, offering free maintenance or troubleshooting advice (guaranteed to be worth every penny you pay for it), donating autographed copies of my book Manifesto, demonstrating the proper wrist action during the Big Mixture Pull, etc.

If you’re concerned about W&B, I’m traveling relatively light – one wheeled underseat-size carry-on bag and two laptops.

Seriously, if you can help me out, I would be in your debt. Please text me or leave me a voicemail on my iPhone at 805-878-4597 or email me at mike.busch@savvyaviator.com. Thanks! --Mike


I can take you. Im going to KTOA, however I would enjoy flying together to ksmx.

I’ll call you in the morning.

I’m planning on departing Sunday around 10-11



I was hoping you would have copies of the book at the show. Please expect to leave an additional one behind. Thanks

Bring LOTS of books Mike!
I want two
One for myself and one signed copy for a very enthusiastic and eager intelligent young man studying to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (this is what we call them in Canada)

Sorry the timing didn’t work out, Mike! I will get you up in my airplane as soon as I can!

Thank you soooo much, David! I will definitely take you up on your offer. Departure Sunday mid-morning sounds perfect. --Mike

I will hold you to that, Gordon. Hopefully the jet will be out of jail soon.

I actually don’t plan on bringing any books because I’m hobbling around with a cane and will have a hard enough time carrying my laptop. However, you can order them on Amazon and have one in two days. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, the shipping is free. Amazon is selling them for around $12, which is about as close to free as it gets.

It’s getting auto-throttles (unique in this category), anti-skid brakes, glass windshields, upgraded screens, new standby instrument/display, and a few other goodies, so it’ll be worth the wait!

Does the carbon strips go away with the new windshield?

Yes, the diverter strips are gone. We can also get a polished aluminum frame around the windows now, a la Learjet. I opted for this feature.


Does the rough paint on the nose go away too?

Was all these upgrades included when you bought the Total Eclipse or is some of this stuff extra that you guys bought? What does it cost if you want to take a 1.3-1.7 to the level your plane will be at?

I think you are thinking about the icephobic coating around the static ports back near the windscreens (about a 7" radius around each static port). No, that was part of the RVSM certification and stays. We did, however, get an extension on the inspection period for that coating, which is now once a year. It’s about a 10 minute inspection and any A&P can do it.

Some of us Total Eclipse buyers did have this “Plus” option offered at a discounted rate as an part of our original purchase.

That’s a good question. From an IFMS airplane, the Plus upgrade is $499,950, but they offered a special price this year of $359,950 (a $140,000 discount) plus the new front windscreens at $29,950 (normally they’re about $59K), plus a 20% discount on other options done at the same time. This upgrade was wildly popular, with all 60 2014 positions for this upgrade sold out. Everyone raves about the new features, especially the auto-throttles and ABS.

As far as the cost to take a 1.3-1.7 airplane up to IFMS, that varies considerably.

Gordon-these are very interesting numbers. If you take the cost you paid for you plane, plus the upgrade costs you are incurring, would you have been better off to just have waited to buy a new Eclipse with all this stuff standard, or are you still better off having bought a used one (I could be wrong here) and upgrading? At the end of the day, is yours equal in features and capabilities as the new one?

I am very happy with the path I took and the cost to take it, which I won’t divulge. Regarding capabilities, yes, same capabilities. With a new 550 you get a 3-year warranty, obviously new zero-time engines and gear, some interior improvements, training, and a guaranteed upgrade path.

I bought one -from Amazon- and have finished reading. A very good read. For an aircraft owner that wants clear insight into how to properly approach maintenance, IMHO, a must read.