M12 Thursday Afternoon Arrivals Treat.

All COPAns arriving KHND between 1100 and 1500 local time on Thursday will be in for a treat! Double top secret surprise.

Even COPA directors and M12 planners have no idea what this post is about, nor do they endorse or condone any unofficial activity. Heck, it may not even comply with FAR’s, Clark County Dept. of Aviation Regs, or the POH.

Welcome to Henderson, welcome to M12, and welcome to Vegas, babies! Let’s get this party started![H]


(Former local now mostly slumming in Northern Nevada)

Hope you’ve cleared it with the people at HND. I heard that they nixed any kind of special “welcome” setups that were proposed by our vendors.

Let me guess. You are going to welcome us in a bikini? Tongue?

Careful y’all! Under no circumstances should COPAns be distracted by a lady “personal performance professional” jumping out a cake.

I have it from reliable sources that with me tucked away in the freezer (i.e., spending time with in-laws on Thursday and Friday morning) Pierre is conspiring with Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones to take over Vegas and sell Siegfried & Roy to Putin.

Pierre’s right - the M12 Planning Team knows nothing! Whatever Pierre is concocting, it’s Top Secret with “need to know” access limits. [H]

I won’t critique the FBO at this point - we have a Migration to enjoy. [H][:D][<:o)][ap] But, Gordon’s warning about the FBO is spot on…


We will be landing in that timeframe. Hoping it’s strippers or something

With candy. Or maybe just a stripper named Candy.

I’ll take it. Are you coming Scott?



What about us early birds - that arrive on Wed afternoon? Will be need to go back and re-arrive? [H]

Allison and I will both be there. Not sure if I will make the special arrival window though.

Could you do an encore on Friday pm? That as early as I can make it!

Early birds are welcome to come back and “re-arrive” Thursday from 1100 to 1500. KHND is just ten minutes from GVR.

The “treat” is just my way of saying “sorry” for my brief attendance this year. I will be leaving mid-day Friday to hook up with another aviation gathering.


Hope to see many of you Thursday at the airport, at Cabana, and at the Friday AM meetings.



Yes, you want to come again Thursday!

I had the pleasure of spending today float plane flying on Lake Tahoe with Pierre.


Now that we’re back at his ranch and he’s had a few, I now know the plan. You don’t want to miss it. [H]