Where to Land for M12?

Leaving CA for FL we had a problem and diverted to Lone Mountain Aviation @ KVGT. Fortunately, Kenny was able to work us in and we were on our way after a few hours. While waiting Kenning mentioned to me that KHND is about 23 miles away and that is will be a nightmare to support planes that have unexpected issues at KHND (transportation of mechanics and parts). His backlog is such that he is not marketing for more work during that timeframe, but knows from prior events that there will be a subset of planes that require attention to get them on their way. Lone Mountain intends to increase their stock of typical problem parts (tires, etc.) and will have staff up on the weekend to support Cirrus owners. Kenny suggested that if you have any concerns with your aircraft when approaching Las Vegas, that you strongly consider landing at KVGT to minimize the cost and hassle of unscheduled maintenance.

I have no financial interest in Lone Mountain aviation nor will I receive any benefit from any service done there during the migration, or any other time. I’m just trying to help out.

Both FBOs are run by Clark county so should have similar prices. KVGT also has a crosswind runway in case its particularly windy on arrival


I know that you are trying to help, but…

  • Henderson Exec (KHND) is our destination airport. This was announced many moons ago on the registration website and in multiple emails. And, for months, there have been email threads on the forum discussing the arrival procedures for coming into Vegas. Some of our Regional Governors have organized “gaggles” of aircraft whose destination is KHND.
  • We’ve coordinated with the FBO at Henderson, not North Las Vegas. While they are both run by Clark County, only one of them is expecting us - Henderson. They have set aside parking spaces for LOTS of aircraft. Plus, demo aircraft from various aircraft manufacturers will be at Henderson, not North Las Vegas.
  • Our bus transportation is set up from Henderson, not North Las Vegas.
  • The resort is very near Henderson, not North Las Vegas.
  • ATC expects Henderson to be the M12 destination.
  • We have posted suggestions and charts on the Migration website for download by pilots to help with planning.
  • If pilots would like a box lunch for their departure flight, those are ordered through the restaurant (located above the FBO) at Henderson.
    Kenny Scherado is a great guy, and Lone Mountain Aviation is a well-known Cirrus Service Center. AND, Lone Mountain is one of our Migration sponsors this year! (Thank you, Kenny! [Y]) But, unless you arrange for some planned maintenance at Kenny’s shop or encounter an issue while enroute that you’d like to have examined upon arrival, the M12 Planning Team strongly suggests that you use our destination airport of Henderson Executive (KHND).

BTW I’m about to make a maintenance-related post for M12. Please stand by…


Not only that with Cirrus and COPA members around like Jim and Roger, there is no better place to be down for maintenance than migration. Cirrus is usually available to help arrange any service needs. You won’t be stranded.

Have any arrangements been made with the FBO for M12 attendees arriving in aircraft other than a Cirrus? (I think we had 5 or 6 Eclipses at M11.)

Gordon-Why would the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association make arrangements for something other than a Cirrus? Cirrus doesn’t even sell a jet -at least right now. Does the Eclipse need something better than where the SR20s and SR22s are landing and parking?

Hi, Gordon!

Although I’ve mentioned (verbally) to the FBO Manager that we’ll have a few jets and possibly a turbo-prop join the group, I’m sure it’s slipped their mind. Compared to the informal, “how can we help” attitude from the FBO last year in Mobile, AL at M11, this year has been … interesting. Anyway, I’m about to contact them again with an update. So, thanks for the reminder!


Side comment to Jeff: The FBO needs to plan the row spacing for mass parking of our planes. Our members flying jets enjoy parking with the rest of the COPA crowd (even if they can fly higher/faster/further than the rest of us). And, I need to alert the FBO to their presence. Thus far, the FBO hasn’t displayed much flexibility…

Chill my friend. These are old friends/previous owners with vast knowledge of our aircraft and upgrade alternatives. Also, Eclipse has been faithful and generous sponsor of past migrations.

Because there are many dues-paying COPA members who do not currently own Cirri, including many who have made, and continue to make, substantial contributions to the COPA community.

I hope every COPAn realizes that Gordon, Curt, Jack, Chuck, Joe, Rick, Ken, Giuseppe, Jamie, Barry (and many other former Cirrus drivers, too many to name here) continue their tireless efforts to promote safety among Cirrus pilots.

It would be easy for these guys to say: “I burn Jet-A now, so forget those piston pukes”. They have not forgotten us, nor should we treat them as anything other than full members of COPA.

Thank you all for your continued service. Should I be so fortunate to upgrade to a faster or bigger plane than a Cirrus, I hope I never forget my aviation roots.


Let me very strongly second your remarks. Gordon, Curt and so many other former Cirrus pilots who now fly Eclipses are still very active in COPA and they bring their energy, experience and wisdom to the Forums on a regular basis.

The CEO of Eclipse, Mason Holland, is a COPA member and former COPA Board member as well. Furthermore, Eclipse is a major supporter of COPA and provides significant financial support to Migration.

So it is perfectly reasonable that COPA should see to it that members in Eclipse or other aircraft are welcomed with open arms to Migration and that we continue to thank them for the significant contributions they make to the organization.

I’d favor HND, since they’ll have transpo to the event. Unlike FBO’s at every other Migration event, HND is not offering any discount to M12 attendees.

For the Eclipse, it’s $55/night with one night waived if you take on 100 gallons (today’s price with Prist: $5.73). I actually get a better deal at KLAS, and that, plus the relative ease of getting out IFR, may tip the balance in their favor. We’ll see.

Heck, Mike:

She is very accomodating to me in my lowly SR 22. Nice person. :slight_smile: