Picture library for SR-2x

Dear All,

As previously mentioned in the Public forum, I am trying to build upon my production history (see Miscellaneous section) to include pictures of as many SR-2x as possible.

If you have any pictures of your aircraft that you can let me have a copy of, I would be very grateful. I’m also interested in any pictures from the production line, which I know CD sent to some of you while you were enduring the wait for your machine to be delivered.

My e-mail is paul.j.rushton@btopenworld.com

Thanks once again to those that have already sent me pictures. I look forward to hearing from any others of you who are prepared to help.


Paul Rushton

Emailing attached pic of Walt’s plane and a few more… Sounds like a worthy cause!


I mis-posted…here’s N841C…cs

Thanks for posting the photo of Walt’s new SR22 demo airplane. Must be really new! When did they start mounting an annenometer on top of the vertical stabilizer? Is this part of the Avidyne Datalink weather system?

Oh my gosh! That is, uhm, a photographic artifact…here’s the REAL picture…

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Here’s the REAL picture…

Is that the “granite” exterior color scheme? The 22 I’m getting in two weeks has that exterior color, but I haven’t seen it on an aircraft. How did it look in person?

Granite, hmmm…and here’s some fuselages ready for carving[;)]. http://www.nelsongranite.com/pictures.html


Re: The attached pic…sorry about the drooling idjit in the center of the frame…I was having a bit of a self control problem…I have since heard that the CDC is now reporting two new cases a day of Cirrusitis…uncontrolled grinning being one of the symptoms…

Anyway, all the best… And congratulations on finally getting your due!! I look forward to meeting you, seeing your machine, and, of course, the other left coast COPA members and their iron as well!!



I have seen 2 on my ramp one is based here. I personaly dont like it. No pazaze. But I am partial to the green. Guess what color my 20 is. I mean bueaty is in the eye of the owner. Just my opinion. I have seen the 22 in the green and I liked it the blue is nice also. From Don

" How did it look in person"

It was beautiful Gordon. It completely matches the interior color (Feather Beige). I was lucky enough to take the 22 for 3 trips around the pattern.

What interior color did you order?

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What interior color did you order?

I ordered the dove gray leather. For a dash of color, I will either a) add some curtains, or b) have colorful people in the airplane! (Examples of both illustrated below.)

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I ordered the dove gray leather.

IMO, the dove gray is the better choice considering the black and gray hues of “granite” exterior. I am sure you will be VERY pleased…great ramp appeal…

I don’t know if you were serious about the curtains, but I think it’s a good idea…


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I don’t know if you were serious about the curtains,

I was quite un-serious about the curtains. [;)]