Pretty SR22 at GFL

There was an SR22 tied down next to my TB20 at Glens Falls, NY (GFL) yesterday with a paint scheme I hadn’t seen before. It had a very tasteful single slightly tapered horizontal stripe on the fuselage and wheel pants, in dark brown (maroon?) and black. Very pretty and understated IMHO. I didn’t think to copy down the N-number, but to my taste it was the nicest exterior I’ve seen yet on a Cirrus.

I don’t see it as an option on the Cirrus Design site, BTW.

Some owners ask for no stripes or graphics. They have there own put on. TB20 nice airplanes I will always have a love for them. I owned 2 in the past, 900 or so hours I had in my 2. If cirrus would not have come along I would have had another. Don

Where’s the pic?

I like the TB20 too. It’s superior to the SR20 in performance, but can’t hold a candle to the 22!

Sorry, didnÂ’t have a camera with me. The single “stripe” was more like an oval, very exaggerated in the horizontal.

[Disregard. I can’t seem to attach a file.]

Here’s an idea of the general shape of the “stripes.”

Here it is!