Nice lookin' plane, Bob Davis!

I saw a beatuiful, shiny new SR20 parked on the ramp this morning at Gaithersburg, MD. It had the “new” SR20A paint scheme – looking in the member directory reveals it was Bob Davis’s.

Great looking plane, Bob!

(also ran into Paul White and another Cirrus position holder [sorry, I forgot your name already; I remember you were position #600-some, and saw a Cirrus for the first time at AOPA in the summer, etc. - I’m just so bad with names!] at York, PA on Saturday)

It’s nice to run into more and more Cirrus planes and people; it only means good things that there are more of us around!



It was good to see you on the ramp yesterday as well. Seeing your SR20 just makes my wait a bit tougher, but it won’t be too much longer. My SR22 should be back on the ground at THV before the end of November. Hope to be able to show you 925PW the next time that you fly into York!


Thanks Steve,
The aircraft was actually flown by another one of our partners. We just returned from Duluth last week with our new acquisition. It’s been delightful.

The airplane handles very well. We were one of the first group to train with Cirrus instructors after the change. The experience was great. Our instructor, Jeff E, trained three of us and kept smiling the entire time. I can’t comment on how Wings Aloft would have handled the situation, but we were very pleased. We also received excellent and friendly service from all the folks at Cirrus. They should be highly commended.

Just curious… What stripe color did you choose, and are you happy with it? I’ve not been impressed with the SR20A images shown on the Cirrus exterior options sheet.