Parachute repacking cost


I am deciding between g3 / g5… among other details, I read that re-packing the CAPS also requires replacing the fueled rocket with an electric switch on the g3 (some models? or all?)… which I believed was changed on the G5…

Can somebody knows the cost of that extra?

(any other significant info on why G5 or G3… greatly appreciated!)



The extra cost depends on where you have it done of course but consider it is a few thousand dollars more. The conversion was made at the time of the G5 airplane which is 2012. The G3 came out in 2007. Only the 2010 & 2011 G3s will not have the new system. The 2007-2009 repacks have already been done.

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I paid $14.700 for my G3 including the upgrade to g5 rocket and grounding strap. In the scheme of things, that should not be a deciding factor on which bird you get, it’s really insignificant compared to all other expenses.

I paid $15,500 out the door for my 2009 G3 in September 2019.

G3 at Classic Aviation in Iowa is $16,200 all-in, inc sales tax. G5 right around $8,000.

They’ve done all my work since new and I’ve been extremely happy.

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Where did you have it done, Gabriele?

DLK aviation in Atlanta! They do a lot of them, ask for MAC

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Thanks! I’m a year out on mine, but thinking of putting a deposit down and getting in-line for parts…


Any idea of the price for a G2?

Same. Only G1 is more because of the body and paint work required to access.

I’m not so sure about that for all aircraft.

My plane is up for it’s second repack next year. The cost of the repack represents about 10% of the value of the airplane and about a year’s operating expenses (hangar, insurance, fuel, maintenance). That’s hardly insignificant.

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You’re buying a 10 year insurance policy. Not insignificant, but we purchased these planes for a reason. Just need to put more time on the airframe to lower the per hour cost! :money_mouth_face:

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True, for a more expensive bird it can be 2-3% of it’s value

Dead thread revival!
Just picked my G1 up from Gryphon at F70 today. Beautiful paint matching, classy shop, great customer service. I arrived early, and watched their professionalism applied to the final assembly and checks. Real class-act! Highly recommend, and the price tag was under $22k.
I did have to wait on Cirrus to ship the parts, and again because the forgot to include the parachute… :roll_eyes:

My G3 is coming out of University Air in Gainesville, Fl next week. Around $18,500.00. Shipping costs for the rocket has gone up substantially and the MCU can no longer be modified and has to be replaced if it is the earlier model. One thing to consider is that there is no sales tax in Florida.

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18.5K is the same number I have from the McKinney service center, TKI, including the MCU replacement for our 2011 G3. Parts are on order.