G2 Repack

what pricing are folks getting quoted to repack a G2 parachute

1 year ago. $15K. :-OOO.

$15,300 Ohio State KOSU. Last month,

Just did mine at ClearStar in Addison, was between $15k and $16k, would have to look at the bill for the exact number.


ust did my G2 in December in Penna. $15,000.00

how long did it take them once you dropped it off? Mine is going in soon.

I was getting my bird strike repair at the same time so I don’t have a good sense of what the caps alone would take.

Oh yeah, I was just reading your thread on that.

Hi Sean. Try tracie at DLK in atlanta. Getting mine done there in April just over 14K.


Also with a G2 here: with the prices so close, is there a good repack job from a bad one? How can we tell? Is it not supposed to be standardized by cirrus ?

Not sure but DLK claims to have done over 100 so they should have it figured out by now. Hopefully.


I did mine two weeks ago at DLK it was $14.200 , drop the airplane on Monday was ready on Thursday .

They don’t ask for deposit just a email confirmation to order parts .

Call Tracie , they are very good doing repack .


$15,500 and four days at Jet Center KMFR Medford, OR two weeks ago.

I’m getting mine done in early April at Waterford Aviation at Oakland Pontiac Airport (PTK) in Michigan. The quote was just under $15k.

Besides price and selection of a Service Center, don’t forget to build time into the schedule for your SC to order the chute / rocket / etc. in advance of the scheduled work.

My SC stated two weeks ago that they were seeing a need for about a 30 day lead time, and said they will reconfirm for me in the next week or so. My goal is to get the materials in time for the work with the hope that the certification dates are fresh.


Come join COPA. Lots of discussion on CAPS repacks and many other ownership issues on the Paid Member side of the site.

That’s a good price. I was quoted much more than that locally. That very well be a good reason to fly to KMFR (Medford)

I also got a very similar price from Clear Star in Dallas Addison.

I had my G2 repack done at DLK at the end of May. Tracie dropped me off at ATL and then picked me up when my plane was done. Tracie said as long as you arrive or depart between 10:00am to 2:00pm she is happy to provide a ride. The price was $14,200. Their price was about $2,000 less than I was quoted at two other shops.


Thats a good deal. I payed 1k more. glad to have that out of the way.

Cirrus Europe in the Netherlands does it in 5 hours for € 15.500, fly in in the morning, ready in the afternoon.

But those guys have done +200 of them now!