Parachute [10-year service cost]


It is official. The cost of the 10 year repack and rocket install along with the body work for the earlier bird is going to be just under $14,000.

Depends where ya go chief.

It goes without saying that if there is a place out there where savings are to be had this is the forum to communicate that. I threw out the number because I did not get any other indication of a different number checking several places. I finally called Cirrus and they pretty much agreed on level of cost.


I notice you are signed on as a non member guest. There has been a lot of discussion on the member side, which tends to be watched and responded more than the non member one. There was a company in Iowa I think (a SC) that posted they had finished their first repack for a couple grand less than your number ($11,400 plus sales tax). The Cirrus price is for the chute and that will be the same. However, the cost of the paint and body work may vary from SC to SC.

Don’t have the phone number, but it could be easy to find. Contact Shane Vandevoort at Classic Aviation, Inc. the FBO at Pella, Iowa (KPEA)

I’ll pirep on the member side in a couple of weeks. Mines going in next Friday.

From a non-owner: What is the interval for the repack? I see several '01s and '02s out there for sale and have been wondering if they’re about due.

Steve C.

10 years