Cheapest place to get CAPS repack done?

im looking to see where and how much to get a 2007 G3 CAPS repack done? any help would be much appreciated.

Check out DLK in Kennesaw, GA. They have done dozens, and their price is excellent.

As a compare I got 2 quotes on the west coast both about $15,250 give or take for same as your plane. The rocket shipping was over $1k so maybe if you are closer it’s less.

A big nut.

2-3 days I think to do.

Someone told me they were quoted $14,500. I’m waiting for the name of the place.


I see you are in Charleston area. I used Eagle Aviation in Columbia, SC and felt I got a fair shake, and they were fast and on time. They were recommended to me by another happy COPAN. Good luck.

How much did they charge?

Where depends to some extent of where you are located as you likely have 2 trips (i.e. expenditures ) to drop off and retrieve plane.

In my area, DLK is definitely a consideration as they are very experienced, and quite was lowest of several I received. They are also close to my home airport.

Here is their quote to me (June 2016):

“The parachute/rocket is $13,995 and we complete SB 2X-95-13 CAPS Strap Inspection and Grommet installation while the parachute is removed $142.50. Your aircraft is registered outside the state of Georgia so there is NO SALES TAX!! however, we do add a $250 surcharge if payment is made with a credit card.”

On time(I did have several other items addressed as well) and as quoted

dont forget sales tax and the cost of getting the plane to the shop


I also am looking to do a repack, and am based on the west coast. Looking for suggestions also…

Just did mine at Monaco in Duluth, MN. $14,218 out the door.

Funny to see this post…

The cheapest vendor to do my chute !!!

All I can think about is how horrible it might be to look for the cheapest guy to repack my chute that goes on my back as I jump out of a plane …

Sometimes, the cheapest is not the best especially for life saving equipment …

When u are playing with chutes, go for the vendor that is charging fair market price and has an outstanding reputation …

Scott is getting his done in Duluth and he is from CA… Good SC, no CA tax, no crazy rocket shipping … he may be paying a few thousand in fuel, and flying far away, however that why we own a plane …

All the chutes are repacked at Cirrus.

The shop just removes the old one and puts in the new repacked chute. Some shops take a week, others can do it in 3 days or less. Many times the cheaper shop is the one that does more of them and knows how to do it quickly.

So the cheapest shop may actually be the best and safest choice.

Call autopilots central in Tulsa.

Kevin, mine was done in February of 2015 with Eagle - contact Scott McDonald, so I am not sure how the prices compare but I paid $14,620 + 7% tax on labor which, I believe, was a couple of hundred dollars.

I see this is in the guest discussion area? Are you not a COPA member? This info is typically found on the member side.

Good luck.

So I must confess, I picked Monaco for convenience as well. I was flying to M14 anyway, and after the repack, Midwest picked her up for paint and interior.

Still, I think Rick and his team at Monaco are worth the flight.

DLK Aviation in Kennesaw, GA did mine for $14,500 last year. Did a great job.

Disclaimer, Im a non pilot aspiring to be a Cirrus owner one day just asking questions to learn.

Is it mandatory to have chute repacked every 10 yrs? How is this enforced?


The chute might not work…

In addition to Paul’s “the chute might not work” comment, the chute is required for airworthiness.

An annual inspection is also required for airworthiness and no mechanic would sign off on an annual inspection if the chute was beyond the time required for repacking. One of the first things done at an annual is to ensure that all time limited parts are current and that all ADs have been complied with.

Thank you Jerrold