CAPS Repack Locations

Can you all please help me find a good location to get a G1 CAPS repacked? I recently checked DLK in Georgia and they quoted me over $30K. This can’t be an acceptable price even with the required paint and body work. This is not even the first repack. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

G1 driver here with a repack scheduled for March 2023. $10K down and $19,823.48 USD quoted. Glendale Aero Services.

6841 N. Glen Harbor Blvd.
Glendale, AZ 85307
United States


Try Monaco Air at KDLH (Duluth, MN).


Wow, prices have gone up!!

I had the second repack of my G1 two years ago and it was about $20,000. It was done by Wisconsin Aviation, but most shops I checked were in the same general range.


Thanks, Robert. That price difference would be worth the flight. Did they say what’s not included? Also, how long will it take? Thanks again!

Just paint. They think it will be < $1500 given that my plane is simply white.


Robert the 19K was total, all in?

From the quote more like $20K but that did not include the paint.


David, they quoted me 35k and change. Something about all the ignitor updates that were required. I am fast becoming an unhappy Cirrus owner. js

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Look elsewhere. My recent repack included switching to the electronic system and, as I said, it was a bit under $20,000 including the required paint, body work, and tax.


Good morning all,

My name is Mac Little and I’m the co-owner of DLK Aviation. I’ve planned on making a CAPS update post and this seems to be the appropriate time.

We’ve done the most parachute repacks in the country and we have a pretty good idea of any and all issues that can/will arise when an airplane arrives for their repack appointment.

I’ve taken the position that I’d like to quote the worst-case scenario when it comes to providing estimates for 2023. I feel we’ve done a pretty decent job of explaining the reasoning for this method, but it appears we need to work on that. I’m taking this approach because I want you to be prepared in the event one of the situations below comes up that would require an increase. We much prefer telling you what it could be then reduce the price rather than tell you best-case then call you and up the costs because of something we find during the process. I’m not ashamed of that and I will continue that route.

For all of you, I’d like to let you know what can/could happen for your 2023 repack:

  1. 2023 parts increase - Cirrus has not raised the prices on CAPS parts in over 2 years. In the background, they’ve been working on approving additional vendors to help provide material to get past the current backlog and supply shortages. They’ve worked on an extension for G1 repacks and they are adding additional personnel to help meet the backlog as well as the anticipated demand. The costs of all of their efforts has increased and they’ve still not yet raised prices. I expect that to change in 2023. When we quote the 2023 repacks, we add on a $2500 additional line item to prepare you for the new pricing. We also try to explain that if the pricing does not increase or if the prices increase is lower, your price will reflect that - in other words, if the price is lower, you’ll pay less.

  2. MCU replacement - the new rocket requires a modification to the MCU. Over the past 2 years, we’ve had several customers arrive with an MCU that is not compatible with the upgrade, has been modified in the field in appropriately, or fails when modified. For that reason, we add in the cost of a replacement MCU. If your MCU does not need to be replaced, you won’t pay for that and the price will be reduced accordingly.

  3. Service bulletins - there are 3 service bulletins that we look at completing when the airplane arrives. We see about 25% of airplanes arrive with one of them not complied with. If your airplane does not need that, the price is again reduced.

  4. #2 batteries - we are quoting the replacement of those batteries. Since the new rocket system is electrical, we are going to install new batteries if yours are greater than 2 years old. There is no way to test those batteries so we’re going to replace them. If your batteries are “fresh” they will not be replaced and the cost will be reduced.

  5. 2023 price estimates for shipping, paint materials, etc. We’re providing educated estimates based on the price increases we’ve seen over the past 2 years and what we estimate the pricing will be in thew coming months. Pricing is very fluid at this time and we are trying to provide the most accurate estimations we can. If the prices don’t go up as we expect, you will pay less.

I hope this helps all of you understand a little better what could happen when you arrive for your CAPS repack regardless of where you schedule it.

In addition to completing repacks, I’ve also committed to Cirrus that I will provide them the tail number and estimated dates for repacks that we provide estimates for. This gives them real world demand so they can adjust their CAPS parts forecasts. That means, that even if you don’t select DLK Aviation for your repack, we’re still going to help you behind the scenes.

My phone number is 770-427-4954 and my email address is If you are planning on getting your CAPS repack completed in 2023, send me a note and I’ll add you to the list that I provide to Cirrus so that they are aware when the parts order is placed.

Thanks all and I look forward to hearing from you!



Try PF flyers in Greenville, SC


Mr. Seckler,

Thank you for your comment and email. It appears we aggravated the hornets’ nest? All great discussion in my opinion. Perhaps we could get a list of repack facilities and contact information? If it is more convenient I would be happy to post it?

Thanks again,


Hi Mac,

We have a 2003 G1 and have been in touch about doing our impending repack with you.

Good information here. One question - as I understand it, the MCU’s are typically serviceable and components easily swapped. Will this be an option? The entire MCU is a big item. We have the upgraded MCU 120 in good shape, with a new-ish FCM.

No intent to rattle a hornets nest that’s for sure, but I do think it’s fair to get feedback from members about where they went and why (scheduling, costs, etc.). Cirrus airplanes are great, but most people have some sort of a budget and it’s in the collective interest to keep these airplanes flying and serviceable. I love flying my SR22 and I’ll happily fly it 5-6 hours to save $11K.

Because of this forum I have contacted numerous shops and some of these recommendations are accurate in regards to cost, but scheduling may be an issue for others. I also don’t necessarily think it’s wrong to tell others that shop “a” labor rate is 60% higher and they add 10 hours more than other shops. If an airplane needs the parts they need the parts, but when the majority of the higher cost is elevated labor rates and more labor hours that’s something that all forum members should know. Capitalism will work out the rest.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions. Please keep them coming! There are two “year groups” coming up and all needing replacement every year (2003/2013) so this is going to be an ever growing concern, especially as the number of airplanes sold in those years increases!

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We do everything we can to make sure we can use it. Most of the MCUs are fine and are able to be modified and returned to service. We will know in the first few hours of starting whether or not it is usable and will let you know.


Thanks, Mac. The upfront communication is appreciated.

We’re pretty sure we’ll be headed to you in December but at some point would like to talk to you about paint options - seems like it may be a good time to freshen the plane up.

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Not going to sugar coat this:

It is certainly the case for me, that I don’t have an unlimited budget for my SR22, nor an unlimited timeframe to be grounded. This grounding of a huge number (500 million $ est.) of the Cirrus fleet is in my mind unconscionable. Steps should have been taken by Cirrus to mitigate this issue long ago! It shows a lack of concern, planning and effort in my mind. I was warned that this could be the case with the current owners, now that projection is presenting itself in full form. Great aircraft just bad management by Cirrus Corporate.


Check Fly Advanced Lancaster (KLNS), they do exceptional work plus no tax.



The sooner the better on paint discussions. The paint shops are booking out 4-5 months.