Online Migration Materials?

I and several other members have posted this in the past…and am wondering where we stand with the current Migration…

For many (perhaps mosts) of us who haven’t yet retired, it’s difficult to take several days to get to Texas. Sometimes it’s getting the days off. For some like me, we don’t have IFR and the thought of getting to Texas on a schedule is daunting, and an invitation to “get there itis”. For others, it’s family.

But a primary purpose of migration is safety and training.

Just wondering, and apologies in advance if I have missed other threads…

  1. Will any sessions also be offered as webinars?

  2. Will the sessions be archived for future reference?

  3. Can COPA better accomplish its mission by making most or all off the sessions available, even if we have to charge a fee (or get a sponsor)?

I work in the movie industry. In the “early” days, everyone said the moviemaking process and related businesses were creative and therefore could “only” be done human to human.

Guess what…turned out not to be true. We found that a mix of remote / Internet based activities AND in person helped us improve our performance.

Where do we stand on this as of 2015? I for one can’t be there. And I would even pay extra to play back the seminaris.


Every so often, this topic comes up - “why don’t we record Migration and make it available to everyone?” The answer has several components - some obvious (to those that have planned the event), some not so obvious. As I am about to head for KIKK (Kankakee, IL) for my flight back to KCHD (Chandler, AZ), I’ll share only a relative few considerations:

  • Migration is about more than safety and education. Actually, those are the primary thrust of our CPPP and CDM programs. Migration started as a huge social event of which education was one component. Currently, we have evening social events, our annual membership meeting, a series of educational, aviation-related seminars, and our very own tradeshow. We also offer the PIC program for non pilot right-seaters. And, we have a Spouse Program for those partners who are tired of hearing incessant “pilot speak”. In recent years, we’ve augmented our regular Friday-Saturday offerings with an owner maintenance seminar on Thursday as well as a site-specific activity. This year, there’s an opportunity to go shooting at a gun range. (This IS Texas!)
  • As the technology became available for streaming video, we tried doing video recordings of various aspects of Migration. There were several undesirable outcomes:
    • It was VERY expensive.
    • There appeared to be an adverse effect on attendance.
    • Not that many people actually accessed the on-line videos - not nearly enough to warrant the cost.
    • The logistics for recording everything becomes a project in itself.
  • To have a successful tradeshow (something that COPA attendees have said they value highly), we need exhibitors, lots of them. And, strangely enough, they aren’t there for our pleasure. They want to sell things. They measure the show’s success in terms of sales AND foot-traffic. If they don’t have lots of people walking by their booth, they tend to decline future invitations to attend. So, to have tradeshows, we need to ensure foot-traffic (and actually purchase products).
  • At this point, we record two things: our annual membership meeting and Rick Beach’s traditional safety seminar that we schedule to follow the annual meeting. Having those two events in the same room using the same A/V setup helps reduce our costs. Those recordings will be made available after Migration.
    To make Migration more available to our membership, we move it around the country, holding it at various locations that can handle our logistics needs: airports that are (relatively) easy-in/easy-out to accommodate all pilot skill/knowledge levels, airports capable of parking 125-175 aircraft, nearby aircraft maintenance, a gracious host FBO, hotel & convention center facilities capable of handling 300-400 attendees, decent pricing on hotel rooms, interesting surroundings, etc., etc.

I need to wrap this up and head for the airport. If you have more comments/questions, please post. Frankly, the best way to create change with respect to Migration is to join the team doing all of the planning. Next year, Tim Valentine will take the reins and chair the event. (This is my 3rd and final year as Migration Chairman.) While nothing is set in stone, I hope this response provides a sense of the considerations that drive some of our Migration decisions.

Blue skies,

Thanks for the thoughtful post. I totally understand the issues with on-line. I just wonder if there can be more balance going forward…a little more online at least. Done right, this might increase attendance.

It’s really amazing we have so many volunteers who are willing to organize these events. Those efforts are greatly appreciated.

If it helps, I guess the vendors scored with me…I bought an SR22 GTS (TAS Aircraft), my insurance (Ryan Konrath), and not one but two Cirrus key chains at my first and only Migration (Vegas). Honestly, were it not for the migration, I might not own a Cirrus.

Sadly, this year I will miss out due to location. I hope at least some of the content will be shared later for the benefit of all.

It may be our dirty little secret, but don’t stress out as you could always just fly commercial. It’s not as glamorous as flying your own plane, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

What Dennis said. About 1/3 of those registered are coming by Air Line.

Yes, commercial is a option (a less desirable one). But as stated in the OP, it’s not just distance in the SR22. It’s time and family duties.

AOPA went to a regional model for its migrations (“fly-ins”) for these reasons. I’m sure (well fairly sure) this isn’t practical for COPA. I’m just trying to think out of the box here…so many of us can’t make it…such a shame. Seems like there might be a middle ground…make a few sessions available, especially safety ones.

As Craig told you the “Safety One” is being recorded and will be made available when it is uploaded, just like last year. As well as the annual meeting. Just as a factoid, The M12 Annual meeting has been viewed 341 times and the M12 safety stand down 437 so not exactly a large number and those are public videos that anyone can view.

As Craig said, Tim Valentine will be running this event(s) next year and to come. I know the migration committee intents to do a detailed survey after this one.

Since the start of migrations only 5-7% of COPA members have availed themselves of this event annually. Gil Williamson has done detailed surveys of COPA members and their desire for benefits. Up until M8, it was only in Duluth and only in summer. Then it started to move around the country.

For whatever reason, the vast majority pay their dues and are never heard or seen of again. Less than 50% of our members access the web site monthly. Less than 50% say they read the magazine.

Using this migration as an example, there are more than 700 members within 500 miles of Addition, yet only 80 have registered.

Just also as another data point. for M6, M7 and M8, COPA live streamed the sessions, thanks to BobA and JimC. When we did that the high number watching if I remember was 80 for the Ask Cirrus session. The after viewing was less than 200. Attendance was less than previous migrations. Some felt the reason was that folks could sit in their living room and watch the sessions and not spend the $ to go to the venue and partake of all that migration offers. It is more than just the sessions, while they are great.

If someone can solve the COPA member participation challenge, please come to the board or committees (Migration, membership) and help. Many have tried with little success.

All good data points. Thanks, John.

I would argue 341, 437, 80, and <200 are not bad for this type of video.

I plan to participate in committees in the future and to volunteer for migration and other events when my new job settles in a bit.

Properly done, I continue to believe that a balance of on-line and in-person events can build on each other.

That said, I’m thankful for all things COPA just the way they are.

Looks like Gordon in the left seat.

It’s about “learning to fly a Cirrus by absorption”. Once you’ve joined, the rest will just come to you.


Was looking around on the site for “Safety One” session. Has it been posted yet?

Also, do we know location next year? I took a friend up 3 months ago and he already got his license. Now he too wants a Cirrus and I’d love to bring him.

Thank you.


The annual meeting and Safety/training presentations have not been provided to me yet.

Look at the Social Events Calendar on the HOME, FORUMS, or WHAT’S NEW page. It has a place holder for the next Migration M14.

Next year we will be returning to Duluth for the migration. Sept. 8 - 11.