Welcome to Migration-Please download the COPA Migration 15 App

After a year of planning Migration M15 launches tomorrow! Many thanks to all of the hard work of the many volunteers who have worked almost a year to plan what we hope will be a spectacular event!

Please make sure you download the COPA Migration 15 App as it has the schedule, maps and a very exciting Activity Stream. Simply go to the App Store and search COPA Migration 15 and follow the instructions.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Fly safe!

Bill Myers

Migration 15 Chair


Two quick questions about info in the app:

First, the map showing he arrival procedures is way too small to read. I was planning to arrive KBNA via the HEHAW STAR, but am I correct in saying it seems ATC wants us to come over BWG?

Second, are the seminars 45 minutes long? I thought we were to prepare hour long presentations?

To download the app, go to the Apple App Store, select iPhone only, search for COPA Migration 15 and then download the app.

Jerry, Brady will have to answer your first question, though a larger map can be found on our Attendee website at https://www.regonline.com/custImages/250000/254125/COPA%20M15/COPAM15ProceduresKBNA082817.pdf

As to your second question, we decided about a moth ago to reduce the session times to 45 minutes to allow 30 minutes rather than 15 minutes between sessions so Attendees have time to go to the Tradeshow between sessions. We received a lot of negative feedback from vendors last year that there wasn’t enough time between sessions to visit the Tradeshow and we adjusted the session times to provide some additional time for attendees to do so.

Would someone go to the Exhibition hall and pick me up some Anti-Hurricane spray so that I can be there next year?

Anybody with children? Anybody?

Hey Dennis,

Roger spoke briefly at the Copa Cabana tonight to recognize those volunteers who worked so hard to get M15 going. Your name was mentioned specifically, and it was also noted it took a hurricane to keep you from getting here.

You are here in spirit.



O.K. no Joy on Android, assume someone tested Android? Then go to IPAD no joy on App store, tested on IPAD? So maybe while this gets worked out a post of the days events here?

What would I know?



Go in with your iPad and select on the top bar to search for iPhone only apps. Then you can install it on your iPad.

Hurricane spray…

Thanks Art.

Playing with a chain saw and goggles is fun but nothing like being with my friends at Migration.

Have a wonderful time.


TX, but still no joy.


Come see me. I’ll set you up


Feeling your pain. I canceled all of my reservations on Wednesday afternoon. We still don’t have power over here on Longboat Key, and for those areas that seem to be a bit more difficult (apparently like our neighborhood), we are told that they will have power to everyone by September 22…Vicki and I were really looking forward to Migration at Nashville this year…if you find any of that spray, send me a can or two!

I think Dennis was looking for anti-hurricane spray…

Harry, not all of us are Apple people. Unfortunately Cirrus has failed to realize this with the iFOM (or just doesn’t care).

Gil, probably too late to be of help, but I have the app on both my Android tablet and phone.

No doubt Android globally is the more popular device but in the pilot community iOS devices are generally the more popular. Probably historically because the better pilot apps were on Apple (like ForeFlight).

That said, something as important as FOM ought to be platform agnostic. I don’t know Cirrus’s plans for that. I’ll ask next time I see their guy that heads this up.

I will keep those pins in mind when you are looking for anti-ice, anti-snow and anti, anti-rust belt high tax states, and I’m freezing my ass off preventive spray

I wasn’t making light of your situation, hopefully that’s not how it came across. If it did, I’m sorry. If it didn’t, I’m still sorry about your misfortune.