Number of Passengers

Hi there, might seem like a strange question but I can’t find the answer anywhere…

How many passengers am I allowed to take on the airplane? I started searching the regulations about taking a baby under 2yrs on the lap (just as you do in an airline) and could not find anything. I assume (car based logic) that the amount of seatbelts defines the number of passengers, again did not find anything about that too.

Any input would help


One soul per seatbelt.


This issue floats up in the forums time and again. The POH (Section 2 - Occupancy) is clear on the issue - at most the pilot + three passengers. And yes, a 2 year old counts as a passenger.


POH Section 2-16 Maximum Occupancy

“Occupancy of this airplane is limited to four persons (the pilot and three passengers.)”

Out of curiousity, what about a lap child?