Post demo question

I had the fortune of taking a demo flight in a -22 this week. (Thanks Walt!) Great plane and it’s on the short list.

My question is about child seats. I did a search through the forums and came across a couple of posts, but nothing specific. So, does anyone out there have some scanned photos of an installation. Better yet, anyone in the Bay Area have one installed that I can peek at?


I have installed child seats on two occasions in the back seat of an SR20. It was a bit of work, but the seats ended up securely fastened with no worries about safety. I would suggest placing the child’s seat on the back seat and doing most of the following by climbing in the baggage compartment and reaching over the seatback: extend the seat belt to its maximum and fasten it in the appropriate place on the child’s seat, then with the seat upright, tighten the seatbelts as much as you can, perhaps while pressing down on the child’s seat. Don Mertke has some experience with this too as I recall. While it would be somewhat of a pain to have to do it multiple times in a short period, it works and the kids are happy.

Sunshields! One unfortunate byproduct of the SR2X’s great visibility is that the sun can get in your (or the kid’s) face. Decent solution: buy some auto sunshields at your local Orchard Supply or auto parts store: they are black plastic mesh and attach by suction cup to the windows. They really cut down on the glare of direct sun and make it tolerable. Walt and I used them on our California–>Kansas trip two years ago in 415WM.

I am based at Palo Alto. I have a two-year-old and an 8-month-old, so we put two car seats into the plane frequenty. Not a problem, but does require a little technique.

When I only fly with my daughter, the two-year-old, I sometimes put her in the front right seat. Now, however, her feet are too long and she kicks the side stick with her right foot. Disconcerting on final.

When we had just one baby, my wife would sit in back,with the baby.

If you want to take a look at how a car seat fits, you could stop by my plane.