3 passenger Back seat for SR22

Awhile back there was some talk about a 3 passenger back seat row for the SR22. I feel this would greatly add to the utility of the airplane. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has Cirrus made any movement in that direction?

I agree with you 100%.

I asked Walt Conley this same question about a week or two ago, he said he would check with people at the factory about whether they had ever done anything like this. I’ll remind him about the question

I have three small kids, they would easily fit in the back, but the only limitation
is the two existing seat belts

Michael Nagy

Even if you can avoid busting max gross, carrying five souls most likely will affect insurance rates. --Frank

I heard back from Cirrus on this. I’m told that this would require re-certification. But the request has gone to the Cirrus chief engineer and others inside Cirrus, for discussion.

If I hear more, I’ll let folks know.

Michael Nagy

My most recent information, from Cirrus, is that they are not likely to do this soon,
if ever.

On the other hand, it may be possible for me to modify the airplane, and get this
approved. I’ll be looking into this after I receive my airplane.


I third that motion.

My first thought is the SR-22 seems to be the first four seat plane that actually carries four people! Why add the unusable extra seat (or seatbelt)?

But then I recall a delightful story of a friend of mine who grew up with her Dad’s 172 parked in the back of the barn on their farm. Family vacations consisted of piling three small children in the back seat (one seatbelt across them all), Mom with newborn baby in lap in the front passenger seat and Dad piloting, while smoking his cigar all the way from Mississippi to North Carolina (thank goodness Cessnas have opening windows). That’s a six-seater 172! They were never over gross weight and never had an incident, but had lots of wonderful stories to tell later in life.

Yah, thats what I was thinking… with 3 small children. Going on vacations in the Cirrus.

When they get old enough where there would be space or weight issues, teenagers, they probably won’t want to go with the rest of the family on vacations anyways… so I figure it would work out for a few years.


I have 3 smal girls…I am eager for the 3 person back seat. Unfortunately, at AOPA a couple of months ago in Frederick, Md…Cirrus said it was ‘way back’ on the burner.
Oh well for now.

For smaller kids they make a turbulance vest. You can put on the little one and put them on someones lap. It is for airliners but it can be used in our planes. From don

In our planes, wouldn’t that only be legal for kids under 2 years old (91.107)?

Mine are past 2, so I don’t think that would work for me.