New Partners looking for referrals


A friend and I are looking to become Cirrus SR22 owners in the next month or so. We are based in Fort Wayne, IN and fly out of KFWA. Does anyone know the maintenance shops in the area who work on cirrus? Certified shops?

Also, I’m interested to know if anyone has experience, good or bad, with the shops in the area.


Steve Bermes


KTYQ just outside of Indy is a Cirrus Service Center. We have not had any work done on our Cirrus with them yet, but we plan on having our annual done there in December.

Our plane is at KUMP and we just formed the partnership this last December. Let me know if I can help with anything.


If your new to Cirrus, I highly recommend It’s a cheap service who will help you figure what you need, don’t need, what shops to avoid, and where to go. I really, really like DLK aviation that is out of KRYY (Marietta, GA just N of Atlanta). I would fly from IN to get there.


Thanks for the info. I’ll let you know if we have any questions.



I recently read a very positive review in Aviation Consumer about Savvy. They got very high marks. We’ll definetely check that out.