Prebuy in Kokomo, Indiana

Hi all,

Cessna 210 owner here looking at a SR22 in Kokomo, Indiana.

Anyone have a trusted Cirrus expert to recommend in that neck of the woods?

Thanks in advance. I did do a cursory search of the topic, but not much showed in the the last few years except generally recommending Savvy for the buying process.

Todd Nash

Austin, TX

I had a good experience in Owensboro KY. Right on the KY Indiana border…not sure where Kokomo is but I brought a bird all the way down from Wisconsin for a pre-buy there.

What’s up with your 210? Selling it? Why the trade? I had one of those bought before my cirrus, but the pre-buy didn’t go so well…(wasn’t the cirrus service center in owensboro BTW)

Check out Gary Jet . Ask for Cruz 219-944-1210.

Eagle Creek Aviation at their TYQ (Indy Exec) location, just a short hop from Kokomo. Great guys.

Todd, you’re in our “Guest” Forum. To put it bluntly, there ain’t crap here. A pittance of posts. There are over a million posts in our regular member forums, with hundreds, if not thousands, concerning pre-buy. Also, our members rarely post or even look at the Guest forum.

If you’re serious about buying a Cirrus, you owe it to yourself to spend $65 and join COPA so you can get at that treasure trove of posts and interact with our members, hundreds of whom are in Texas and Indiana. It’s the best bargain in aviation!