SR22 Maintenance Provider Recommendation Needed

Hi There,

I am looking for shop recommendations for my next SR22 annual. I prefer a shop that is in Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi and has extensive Cirrus experience. This event should not require any major work (like parachute repack). I am looking for a shop that has a reputation for being professional, competent, thorough, and fair.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I you can stretch your legs a little, and he can accommodate you, @Paul_New at Tennessee Aircraft Services is located at McKellar-Sipes Airport in Jackson, TN, and fulfills the remainder of your requirements.

Tennessee Aircraft Services, Inc.
2313 Technology Center Drive
Jackson, TN 38301
Phone (731) 424-7227

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Thanks Hans! He must be good; he’s booked until the summer :slight_smile:

Well we meet all our specs and you can read about us here on COPA. Bad thing were in SC KGMU. Good news no aviation taxes in SC! Give PF-Flyers a call

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He is, and I don’t doubt it.

There are a lot of great shops represented on the Member side of COPA, as well as numerous PIREPs, hope you will decide to join us, you won’t be disappointed!

I can also vouch for my friend in Tennessee. Top notch shop