Looking to meet some Cirrus pilots in Austin/Lakeway

Hi all,

I’m looking to evaluate the Cirrus SR20 and/or SR22 as a possible fractional ownership investment but haven’t had the opportunity to fly one, nor do I know any owners/clubs. I was wondering if anyone in the KAUS or 3R9 areas would be interested in showing me the ropes. More than happy to split the operating costs (or pay full if you are a CFI). I’m a private pilot looking to start my instrument rating this fall and would like to train in the platform that I eventually fly more permanently. Would be great to get some first-hand owner knowledge and experience about the plane.


Patrick Dolan (dolanp@gmail.com)

Hi Patrick,
I live on the Lakeway Airpark and keep my SR22 at my home. I would be happy to go flying with you and give you a good overview of flying a Cirrus. I am back east near Philadelphia this week with my plane, but I am returning next week. I am scheduled for my ten year CAPS replacement in mid October at Leading Edge in Tampa, but maybe we can fly before then. PM me with your contact info and we can meet up. Bill

Bill, that’d be great. I’d love to hear more about the Airpark as well. Will send a PM.

Patrick, I have an SR20 at Georgetown and am happy to take you up sometime. I also operate my SR20 as part of a non-equity club if you’re interested.

Thanks Sanjay - PM sent.

Hi Patrick,

I have an instrument rating, but low hour pilot (220). I was working on my commercial when work got to be too much. I’m planning on purchasing a G3 GTS or G5 GTS with a/c (non turbo). I’ve already flown a Columbia 350 last week, and this week it’s a G5. It’s already scheduled. I’ve been trying to find a hanger. I’m on everyone’s list. I live about 2 miles from 3R9. In fact, that is where I’m flying these aircraft from. I’d be interested in partnering with one other person, but it’s not required. I saw your note and thought: small world. My main mission will be cross country to Illinois, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Let’s meet up (or anyone really) if your interested.

I’m not current and need an IPC, but that shouldn’t take too long. I’ve never owned an airplane or ever been in a club. Well, that’s not true. I did do step-up for a little while at AUS. Regardless, I have friends I work with who own planes and nobody is short on advice :wink:

Great to hear from you, Ed. I’ll shoot you a message!

I’m moving to Austin at the end of the year. I have a G3 SR22 Turbo and will need a place to keep it. Hangar space does look hard to find. I’d be glad to get to know some local Cirrus pilots in the area.


I just bought a SR 22T G5 and have it managed with Lift Aviation at KEDC (Austin Executive). Have also leased a SR 20 from PlaneSmart there as well. Either of these two companies is your best (read only) hope for hangar space there. If you’re at M12 this weekend I would be happy to share. 512.791.6336 is my cell. I was in your boat a few months ago and decided to rent an SR 20 to do my instrument instruction in. The SR 22T is too much of an aircraft to do the training and checkride in in my opinion. I think there is some merit in starting your transition with the 20, then moving up to the straight SR 22, then moving to the SR 22T, each one has more power, and its likely insurance will not cover you in the SR 22T until you have achieved your instrument rating.



There are 3 Cirrus at KRYW, Rusty Allen Airport, Lago Vista TX. One of them is my '09 G3 which is non turbo, no de-ice but AC.

My cell is 512-422-4486

I am out there a few times a week.