Considering a Cirrus in Kansas City -- Partnership ?

I just received my private in June (only 120 hours thus far) and currently own a pîper warrior and was planning on stepping up to something a bit more on the cross country side such as a Bonanza but I am now considering the purchase of a Cirrus , mostly to put my wife’s mind at ease. I am thinking a partnership would be my best option to cut down on recurring cost. My plan as of now is keep my warrior as a time builder/ breakfast plane as it sips fuel comparative.

I guess my my question is if anyone out there in a similar situation in Kansas City area and would like to brainstorm on a partnership(s) for a SR20 or SR22 feel free to contact me

I would be a cash buyer and would prefer the same but not required

Hey Kenny!
I am based here in Kc, give me a call should you have any questions on your transition: 816.694.0783.
Have you talked to Jeff Sandusky at cirrus yet? He would have the most up to date information on potential partnerships here.

Hi Bryan , I spoke with Jeff today out of the great plane air expo - he actually mentioned you but he had a lot of people with questions so I choone not to take up much of his time - I plan on touching base with him later this week and see what advice he can give me?

I may may give you a shout as well after I get a group of questions together if that would be ok ?

Anytime, love to talk shop!
Have you flown in a cirrus yet?

Not yet , but that’s on my wish list but Jeff was pretty busy to talk about that so figured I would explore that as well - I love the feel of the side yoke and space. I realize it will take some extensive training but was thinking of doing my instrument training in it after I learned to fly it , that would give me a extra amount of time with a CFII to feel more comfortable as well as incorporating some of my dual training required by insurance.

What part of town are you in? Text me next week, let’s go fly, my treat.

The piper I flew burned 8 gph at 100 mph. Didn’t fly it lop as there were no engine monitors in it. I can fly my cirrus at 8 gph all day long and it will be flying significantly faster than a warrior. I flew to Minnesota following a buddy in his vintage mooney and we flew at 145 knots true only burning just under 10 gph at 5,500’. 8 gph would probably give me in the 130s true. I’m betting that warrior won’t get you that.

What I’m trying to say is, a cirrus can be very efficient if you pull it back and it makes a great breakfast plane as well as a great cross contry hauler. I think your decision on the chute is a good one.

For background, I got my ppl in a Piper Cherokee. IFR in a Diamond DA40 then bought my Cirrus. It’s the best yet by far…especially the airconditioning. Makes the wife even more happy than the chute. The 1200’/min climb gives a great confident feel as well.

Good luck on your search. It’s just a joy to fly.

Thanks Jeff, that is an interesting perspective that my very well change my thought process. I guess I just assumed pulling it back that much might not be good on the engine.My mechanic on my little warrior tells me to keep in the 2400-2500rpm range as its better for it then limping the engine.

The engine will stay at 2500 rpms unless you pull it waaayyy back. It wont hurt anything, so long as you dont fly slow all the time. Only thing it could hurt is eventually clogging the rings, but that would take hundreds of hours of continually flying slow.

Yup, no different than flying approaches all day long at 120 knots For training or practice. Your not gonna fly it that way on a long cross country I promise you. Your gonna love pulling It lean of peek hitting the high 160s to 170 knots. Not sure if your considering a turbo or an NA.

But I will go up from time to time to just sight see and I’ll pull It back to 130-140 knots and under 10 gph. Won’t hurt a thing. CHTs will still be in the green at the 300 range. The throttle and prop are connected together so no way to lug the motor with high manifold pressure and very low RPMs.

Welcome to Cirrus.

Hello everyone

I wanted to do a quick update ,today I was lucky enough to take my first flight in a Cirrus as Brian Heitman was nice enough to take me up in his G5 SR22 today and all I can say is WOW wow Wow !!! Brian is more then likely one of the most knowledgable Cirrus pilots I could have been lucky enough to fly with and was very good at explaining and demonstrating the handling and overall features of his plane without making me feel stupid. Obviously I was a little overwhelemed but he was awesome at bringing the glass panel technology back down to a level that I could understand with the limited knowledge I have learned over the past 8 months of flying my old Pîper warrior. I cannot thank him enough, However avaition may never be the same for me after today as I have a little bit of tunnel vision on my next aircraft and as you know it will be a Cirrus more then likely.

Thanks to all who helped with advice and I look forward to updating everyone on where I stand in the future with Cirrus ownership rather it be sole owner or partnership

Thanks again Kenny

Awesome post and glad you enjoyed it!

Big thanks to you Bryan as well for stepping up and showing him a great time!

Quite welcome Kenny, I enjoyed flying with you today!

Great job Bryan, and welcome Kenny!

We’ve had a very successful 3-way Cirrus partnership for 13 years… email me if you have any questions. I’ll email you an article that was written about our partnership. It appeared in GA News several years ago. We’ve swapped a partner and upgraded aircraft. And, when we fly together…it’s 1/2 to 1/3 the cost…even better.

I figured I would update everyone on my progress and thoughts, I have not changed my mind on moving toward the Cirrus transition. I currently have about 200 hours under my belt and slowly working toward my instrument.

I will be looking to end up in a 3 or 4 way partnership rather it be myself buying the plane and partnering it off, buy into and existing Cirrus or work with a couple like minded people to find one that meets our goals. I plan on keeping my Warrior as a cheap flying breakfast club plane that I can fly with and meet up with my friends that own planes such as my warrior and to keep good availability of the Cirrus for my partners. My main objective with the cirrus would be using to travel with my wife and finish up my instrument training. I am not going to be looking for a high end late model Cirrus but maybe an older SR22 in the $130-200k range

If anyone runs across like minded people feel free to send them my way

I hope you find some partners. Lots of pilots in the KC area so it should be doable.

I sold my Warrior to buy an SR20 (and now fly an SR22). I got my instrument rating in the Warrior so no reason not to get yours while you are searching for your 22. Though I loved my Warrior I can honestly tell you that I don’t miss it at all. The Cirrus is faster, more comfortable and has the “Get of of Jail Free Card” when all else fails. Though I can see how having two planes would be an advantage when you’ve got 3 other partners in the Cirrus!

Good luck and keep us posted. So very exciting for you and your family!

I’ve been working on my private since last May and have logged approximately 35 total hours in a 172. I have been looking into clubs and partnerships to complete my private and begin working on my instrument as well. The frustration of rental aircraft has me leaning toward joining a partnership or club. My CFI has spent a lot of time in a Cirrus SR20 and has plenty great things to say about the aircraft. I didn’t know how your search is coming but thought I might mention my interest in partnering with someone in the future. Any thoughts?

I am diffinatly interested in talking to see if there is any compatibility , fell free to PM me with your contact info

Hello Kenny, if you are still on the hunt for a partner, I would be interested in talking to you. I have no time in a cirrus, but have been looking for about a year or so now. I currently fly out of lees summit and live in blue springs. im not sure how alerts work on this site sense i just joined but you can email me if you are interested. Thanks, Ron