Recommendations for repair facility

I’m moving down to the Clearwater area in Florida and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for maintenance facilities for a serious SR 22 in that area. I’m looking for a maintenance facility which is not going to give me some ridiculous bill every year for my annual but provide honest service

its a bit out of your way, and perhaps others have something closer…but east coast aviation at KSUA has been fabulous for me. they’re available at the drop of a hat, well equipped, generally good on spare parts (or can get them), fair prices, and always ready to go. Honest as the day is long. I can share a few stories with you where I dropped Betsy off and Rick either told me that nothing needed work, or made some modest adjustment when i was expecting ‘replace & repair’.

if you look in their hangar, there’s always at least 8-10 Cirrus’ in various stages of pre-buy/annual, or repair.

highly highly recommend them


I used to live over there but I would like to stick within two hours of my home field for annuals.

There is a serious shortage of A&P’s in general, and only a handful of independent Cirrus specific trained technicians in Florida which will limit your options. Outside of the new Cirrus factory service centers in Orlando and Kissimmee, the other authorized service centers are, well, not ideal. I fix lots of their mistakes.

Steve Miller at Fixed Wing in Lakeland.


If you join Savvy, they maintain a list with ratings of facilities that maintain Cirrus aircraft. For my first annual, they vetoed three service centers that are close to me because of bad service/ratings.

I do as much self maintenance as possible. Also, these Cirrus are really fairly simple to maintain. Fixed gear, continental motor, etc. I’ve kept my annuals to around $3k a year with repairs between annuals. I have had one place that had the annual at $10k and I nixed a bunch of stuff (not airworthy) down to $4k. I’ve been around the block and I’ve had this sr22 for 15 years now. Personally, I prefer avoiding cirrus centers because they tend to be more expensive. I appreciate your comments.

Never take your plane to Kissimmee Cirrus Center. They will bill you 15 hours labor for 3 hours of work at like $165.00 per hour, absolutely RIDICULOUS.

What job did they bill you 15 hours for?

That’s why this year I paid for that savvy aviation service. I had to change to a different person to do my annual inspection since the person who was doing it retired. And so I wanted to get some recommendations from them as to whom would be good to do the work. There are too many people who overcharge or think that just because you have an airplane. You can waste a ton of money on it.