New Landing Light STC Update

Hello All,

The first Intallation of the SR20 landing light STC is Ready to proceed, for pictures of the installed STC please contact Aerodrome Technical at the address below.

Some of the imoortant points of this STC:

The STC eliminates the need for a strip of aluminum
tape to be applied to the top half of the light.

This STC rotates the Landing Light Bulb and itÂ’s attaching hardware
90 degrees back and attaches it to the upper cowl. This isolates the light
bulb from engine vibrations and propeller pulse.

This STC will allow the aircraft to use either the existing Cirrus
designated landing light, bulb or a GE 4596 28-volt 250 watt (or equivalent)
landing light bulb. This will result on no change to the electrical system

Isolating the light bulb from engine vibrations and propeller pulse, and
removing the need for the aluminum tape allows the use of less expensive,
readily available standard aviation landing light bulbs. Combined with
longer bulb life, this will greatly lower operational cost and increase the
reliability of the landing light.

The landing light and the reflector are easily accessible for cleaning,
inspection and replacement.

This STC is easily removable in less than an hour, and in many cases will
provide an excellent solution to maintain aircraft airworthiness in either
short or long-terms.

The price of the STC kits are $450.00 US each. STC Kits are currently being
manufactured and are expected to be available for shipment in a week to ten
days. Orders are being accepted and can be placed by contacting Aerodrome
Tech, LLC by e-mail at:

Once again, pictures of the installation are available by e-mail.


The landing light STC has been approved, installation on a second aircraft has yealded great results again.