SR20 Landing Light STC

The SR20 Landing light STC from Aerodrome Tech has been licensed to Adroit Aeronautics. It was recently installed on Michael Burke’s aircraft 262BM and is performing beautifully. The landing light bulb on the first installation, Wally Donion’s 297TP, has lasted well past 150 hours since the installation (The bulb had about 20 hours on it before that). All indications are that the STC is performing as promised.
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Could you please post a little more information about your landing light STC?

Specifically, I’m curious about the cost, and what it really consists of. You mentioned that Wally’s light was used prior to the STC, so that implies that your STC uses the same type of lights as the “original” SR20; do you change the mount? Or is it something else?


Thanks for asking. The cost of the STC is $500. It can use either the original landing light or a standard Cessna type landing light (GE 4591). The installation consists of a mounting tube that attaches to the inside of the upper cowl, a reflector and mount that is attached where the original landing light mount is, and a small electrical extension for the landing light power supply. I can e-mail you a few pictures if youÂ’ d like.

Could you post the photos on the forum? I think that they would be of interest to all.

Thank you in advance. :wink:

What is the reason for this new mount? Would it allow to use the Xenon discharging lights?
Timm Preusser N747TG

The purpose of the new mount is to lower the cost of operations and increase dependability by lengthening the life of the landing light, allowing for a choice of bulb between the original bulb or a more common (less expensive) GE bulb, and allow more cooling air to enter the engine area. So far the new mount has performed very well in all these areas. We have also been told that the light distribution is better than the original installation.

We did not design the mount to use the discharge type light bulb.