I was wondering is anyone reading this going to duluth in the next few days or better yet is someone there now. I have a question to ask you if possible I need you to look at something for me. Thanks from Don

I leave for there tomorrow (Sunday) what do you want?


I am going up there Tuesday with Ed Benson to pick up his plane. Let me know if I can help

so there’s you, me, Ed, another guy on the list is picking one up this week too. Who’s bringing the keg?

Thanks . I know you all will be buzy with your deliverys but if you have time . One of the things is . How do you fellas like the looks and feel of the centennial. I have heard very mixed reveaws. I can not get to where I can see it till AOPA and Might want to move on it now. So if I can get your feed back when you get there thanks. From don

Trip and I looked into that (bringing a keg).

If you want to carry a keg in an SR22, it has to be secured in the right front seat (where the pilot can visually check pressure and quantity and has immediate emergency access to the spigot) and neither of us felt like riding in the back.

Hopefully Cirrus is working on a more permanent solution.

I wonder if they have kegs in Minnesota? Since it’s a Canadian province, I’ll bet they have GREAT beer!

BTW, should I bring my passport?

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BTW, should I bring my passport?

Thanks Eddie, added passport to the list in case I end up flying through Canada and making an unscheduled stop there.

I know they make a big deal about the limited edition color, but I didn’t think it looked that special (I saw one at Oshkosh). Certainly not something I’d pay extra for. My wife was less diplomatic - seeing one in their flyer she thought it looked “ugly” (no offense meant to current/future Centennial owners - just one person’s opinion, and we all know about opinions…)

None of the 3 Cirri I’ve flown felt rough to me (at least compared to my 4-banger Tiger) but all reports have the Centennial model as being much smoother. That alone should make it more desireable, not to mention the extended engine warranty.