Cambridge MA

I’m headed for a weekly long meeting in Cambridge MA and wanted to know what the closest, GA friendly airport was in that area. I don’t imagine the Logan folks want us around,.except at off peak hours, so I wondered what folks do when going into and out of the Boston-Cambridge area with SR22s…

I’ve flown into both Norwood Memorial OWD (has a nice pilot shop) and Laurence G. Hanscom Field BED. They’re both equal distances to Cambridge.


LWM, OWD, BVY and BED are all about equal distance from Boston. There is a infrequent bus from BED to the Alewife subway stop. LWM is about 3 miles from the commuter rail into boston. I think BVY is fairly close to the commuter rail as well. If you do not care about public transportation then BED has tons of security compared to the others so I would avoid it. I suspect parking at BED is more expensive as the FBO is Signature or someone like that.

What time and day of the week are you arriving, how long are you going to be here, are you renting a car?

I’ll arrive on a Sunday and depart on Wednesday afternoon, weather permitting. I’ll most like rent a car or get a taxi.

How far of a drive to/from Cambridge?

Hi Charles,
KBED (my home base) is ~13 miles from Cambridge, and has rental cars (Hertz & Avis), spotty public transportation and a Cirrus Service Center (East Coast Aviation 781-274-0105) in case you wanted to schedule some service while you plane is static for a few days. There is a $10 landing fee, and $12 ramp fee per night with either Signature or Jet Aviation. Handling fees are waived with a fuel purchase.

KOWD and KBVY are each ~25 miles, I am not sure if they have rental cars. Similar overnight fees, and no landing fee.

Please give me a call if there is anything I can help you with while you are in the 'hood 978-835-4004.