I know it is a long ways for you. But to let you know that some things like this I had done at my service center in Mi. So others can do it. Sorry about what Cirrus told and di not call you back. Don

You might try calling Ron Anders @ Banyan Aviation. If you make an advance appointment, I am told they work weekends, and since you will be here this weekend, Its a good time to give them a try.
Also, It’s a bunch warmer down here then in that Canadian city, Deeluth,especially this time of year.
And remember to visit the nude beach in Ft. Lauderdale, if your repairs take too long.

Sorry to hear of your frustrating experience. When I was in Duluth recently, I did hear they were moving away from doing annuals because of their intense delivery support workload. The week I was in DLH they had 16 deliveries scheduled - and the weather conditions were " freezing rain " for at least 1 1/4 days which further complicated matters at the service center by backing up all the new plane purchasers and their acceptance/shake out flights.

Chris was out I think when I was there, and I watched Paul C racing between several mechanics, 12-15 new delivery customers, the UND and acceptance pilots of the new aircraft to repair and adjust details of new aircraft…occasionally details you would have needed a microscope to find… but generally details which needed to be addressed so " Mr. I just gave you $400 k for an airplane and I want it right so I can get home to my family and my business before the next snow storm hits ."

And of course it was the Mike Rad delivery week so there was Gordon and Scott with a few squawks here and there…and me , oh Paul could the mechanic just fix this one more thing…? And while the cowl is off could they ???

At any rate - it’s no excuse not to be called of emailed back if you have attempted to contact them…so the new process should be - Chris or Paul or their assistant should email or call with answers or responses to request at the close of business each day. Additionally, an announcement should have been made of the policy - via COPA or a mass email so that you wouldn’t have been left in the dark.

A Cirrus Service center in Duluth - separate from the factory is probably a bit overdue right now. Because, I can only imagine Migration next year…and it stands to reason that the expertise we are looking for should be able to be handled in the field, but sometimes needs the TLC of a visit to Duluth where they see this aircraft and every weird problem ever reported ( learning curve ).

One of Cirrus’s best strengths is communication…the same could be said of Ronald Regan of course…but before I ramble into the David Stockman theory of " Trickle Down Economics " might we call it a night ?

PS Cirrus thinks highly of my Service Center…and either I or Myron will give you a ride home or pick you up…just confirm with Myron on this because I haven’t asked him yet. If necessary Mike Rad will be our " back-up " you may want to check with Mike Rad on this too because I haven’t done that yet either…but seriously - I woud be happy to give you a lift. If we could just talk some business on the way - then I’d be able to leave the " double diaper " changing stuff to my wife for a day or two.
Service Center: East Coast Aviation KBED Bedford Mass

just a thought. when i had an oil gauge trouble in flight Cirrus inspected and flew the plane to Southeast Aero in St Augustine, FL. The field troubleshooter at Cirrus was the lead mechanic there prior to coming to Cirrrus. Anyway, when my plane came out of there it was better than new. A 2 hr flight, warm weather, and really nice capable guys


I have just returned from my second visit to Southeast Aero Services, the SC in St Augustine, FL (SGJ). I can’t say enough good things about them.

I took my plane there the first time to have cowl work done. The same work that another SC had billed CIRRUS for and NOT completed.

Not only did SE Aero do a first class job, they went over my plane completely and found and fixed (under warranty) several other issues I wasn’t even aware of. Things like an improperly installed glare shield and breaker panel; they adjusted the baggage door latch for tighter fit, and replaced improperly positioned flap tapes and disintegrating step traction pads. They found a broken wheel pants bracket and as a result repainted and restriped the nose wheel pant. They replaced a worn prop governor bolt and scheduled a prop governor replacement for the next visit.

And this plane had been to a SC 5 times before in 5 months! Including a pre-buy!

Getting SE Aero to work on the plane was like getting a free annual. In fact, I’m thinking that before any CIRRUS owner’s warranty expires they might want to consider having one of the top SCs look over their plane. I mean how many owners would recognize that their glare shield had been improperly reinstalled or the flap tape wasn’t where it should be and so not doing it’s job?

SE Aero. Great people. Honest. And VERY customer focused! I HIGHLY recommend them.

In reply to:

If necessary Mike Rad will be our " back-up " you may want to check with Mike Rad on this too because I haven’t done that yet either…

No worries, Scott… that’s part of the blood-pact we have… we’re allowed to commit each other’s time*. Besides, that’s what I said on the Ride Share board.

It would be my pleasure to help Bill D., too – maybe I could finally get certain electronic stuff into his hands (top secret, but Bill knows…).

*By the way, Skippy… you’re cleaning and polishing N1MR next Saturday… turns out I’m busy. [;)]

  • Mike.


I know you were writing tongue in cheek when you offered my serviced to Bill. I do want to correct a couple of things said though.

First, I will gladly help Bill with transportation to a good service center.

Second, I do not use East Coast located in Bedford, and will not go there unless things have changed dramatically for the better since my last couple of visits.

Also, sadly, I cannot recommend the Duluth service center for him either, as that has been the sight of too many disappointments for me as well. I certainly hope the folks in Duluth can turn their situation around.

Lastly, I go to Lancaster, PA the home of Airways Service Center. The folks there have a high standard matched by their excellent knowledge of all things Cirrus.

Oh, I almost forgot, after you have finished with NMR you are expected over at BDR to finish polishing my shiny new spinner.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not suggesting that the reports of problems aren’t legitimate. However, as a separate data point, I just got 2578B back from Duluth after three weeks of work, and I was very satisfied with the service.


There is a good service center in Smyrna TN (MQY)
Corporate Flight Management they own a SR22 and SR20
for their Flight School and know the reps real well

Glad you brought that up. I fly into Smyrna several times a year and I didn’t know there was a Cirrus Service Center there. It will give me some peace of mind knowing you are there if I have some type of problem.

<<I have just returned from my second visit to Southeast Aero Services, the SC in St Augustine, FL (SGJ). I can’t say enough good things about them. >>

I too can’t say enough nice things about Southeast Aero in St. Augustine. My SR20 has been there three times in one year, including its first annual, and they have been outstanding.

The Southeast Aero Services, the SC in St Augustine, FL (SGJ) is the best I have seen so far.


Bill and John - Have you guys made entries in COPA’s Service Center Evaluations section? If not, please do!

Gordon -

I will … and I have 3 times before for various Service Centers. The program does have a once per month limit - or it did anyway.

But I’m not convinced that there isn’t a better way to disseminate the opinions and experiences we owners are having with the SCs.

Any thoughts?