Save the Date-COPA Migration 15: September 14-17, Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Save the Date!

COPA Migration 15

**Date: **September 14th -17th, 2017

**Location: **Nashville, Tennessee

**Venue: **Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

Our Migration will take place at Gaylord Opryland, where there is something for everyone; shopping, golf, full service spa, live music and much more.

The Delta Atrium

In addition to our much loved social events (COPA Cabana, Saturday Banquet Dinner), COPA Board Meeting, and Trade Show with over forty vendors, COPA University will be spotlighted this year with new content and topics for this year’s educational sessions!

Your Migration Committee is hard at work making sure this Migration is one of the best ever! Stay tuned for future updates with announcements of exciting social and educational events!

Here we come Music City USA!!!

-Bill Myers

COPA Migration Chair

Thanks, Bill! I know that you and “the team” are hard at work. [:D] I’m reserving the time in my calendar NOW! [Y]


Thanks Bill for all your efforts. Look forward to it!

Thanks as well and we’re really looking forward to it.

I’m assuming the Hotel block will be released a few months before the event and I don’t need to try and get a room yet.

Okay COPAns, Bill has turned on the Bat Signal calling all to Nashville. (The AT&T building in downtown Nashville is called “The Bat Building” for its unusual shape at the top: looks like Batman!) Y’all come!!
Lou Outlaw

Hi Bill,

Welcome to Nashville one and all. As a Platinum Training Center owner, let me know how I can help. Lou Outlaw is a good friend and we look forward to helping.


Platinum CSIP, Owner N261KK 2014 SR20

Great question as to the Hotel. You DON’T need to book your room now. We have a block of rooms at discounted rates and you will be able to book your room when registration opens, which should occur in June.

Thanks Randy. We certainly will be reaching out!

The committee and all of COPA is very fortunate that Lou has stepped up and together with Brady Bennett has agreed to be our in Nashville boots on the ground.

Lou has lots of great ideas and enthusiasm to make this year’s Migration very exciting and memorable. Stay tuned for announcements!

Stayed here for a Fraternity Convention two years ago, this venue certainly does not disappoint. If you’re bad at golf like me, be prepared to get wet often.

Darn – I retired this year, it’s close to the East Coast, the stars seemingly had aligned for me to go to my first Migration. I was looking forward to it. And then I received a “save the date” for a wedding that Saturday in NYC. Maybe I can catch the first part of Migration and just fly commercial…


Do it. You won’t be sorry.

Have you ever been to a Migration before Craig? You’ll really enjoy it. And once you have, I’ll bet that you’ll want to be part of the organizing committee for next year. The real party is what goes on behind the scenes.

Dennis, now you’ve done it! By giving away Migration secrets, Bill’s M15 Planning Team will grow to an unmanageable size! I see a serious problem on the horizon… [:D]


For those wondering, the above is from the COPA Migration Team after party which is typically held in the Bahamas following the event. Dennis arranges for security:

We still have a few volunteer slots open so let me know if you’re interested.


I would be interested in volunteering. Let me know.

Thank you. I’ll pm you.

I feel your pain! I got the same invitation for that same Saturday for a wedding in Milan Italy! Shoot.

What? My Wing Man? Say it ain’t so…

For those not aware, the M15 COPA Migration Facebook site is live and looking for your involvement, feedback, thoughts, and plans.

Please stop by our Facebook Group and stay involved. Updates will be posted on a regular basis. Further, we encourage to make suggestions, express concerns and share your thoughts. This event is for you, and don’t be afraid to share it with your friends; not everyone is a member of COPA so the Facebook group is the best way to share our adventure.

The wife and I are in. I’ve got an office in Nashville and know the city well. Please reach out if you still need any help as I’m happy to assist.

I won’t set foot in Nashville without at least one visit to Monelle’s! That’ll change the W&B for the trip home for sure.