Microsioft Flight Sim

I am a novice MSFS user. I have a six pack SR22. I am working on my IFR and would like to get more practice, particulary with the Garmins and Sandel. I have MSFS 2004. It is my understanding that the sim model on this website is only for MSFS 2002. Also, the Eaglesoft sim is only the PFD SR20. Any suggestions for my particular needs and situation?

I’m sorry I can’t help, but please let me know what you find out. I have a 6 Pack SR20, doing my Instument Rating & would like to try MS Flight Sim to get some practice. Thanks!


I posted the flight sim panels. If you want the 6 pack, use the FS2002 version. It will work OK on FS2004, just ignore the warning pop up windows. There may be a few missing instruments. Over all its the best we have at this time.


I have the PFD so I use eaglesoft. One thing you might check out is to download the one at: http://www.aviationexplorer.com/free_microsoft_flight_simulator_aircraft_2004_fs9.htm and then so that you have the complete Garmin radio software buy the Garmin 430 add-on at: http://www.reality-xp.com/ and add it to this download. I don’t know of any SR22 out there yet.

Just a note to let you all know that our SR22 G2 is nearing completion and it is hoped that we will have a pre Christmas release.
In addition, there are plans for an 2006 SRV with SN3308\Six Pack:-)

Do you have an estimated release date on the version with the six pach and 3308?



What can be done to improve the screen resolution of the Garmin 430’s? I really can’t read the display areas or buttons.