Cirrus Sims for MS FS2004

If you have Microsoft Flight Sim 2004, have you tried the Cirrus downloads to see if they are compatible? The Cirrus downloads I set up in the “Members” section work with FS2000 and 2002. I do not have FS2004 yet to see if they work OK or at all with that.

Feed back welcome.

Thanks, Jim

The Cirrus module seemed to work OK on my Compaq Presario with Windows XP Home Edition and MSFS 2004.


When I try to install the RealityXP Garmin 530 module, the Cirrus panel doesn’t show up in the install program. For that reason, I shot all my practice approaches using the Mooney Bravo, since at least the speeds are similar, and having a full-functioned Garmin GPS is a vast improvement over the limited one MS provides.

Still, good work, BTW.

I haven’t tried them in FS2004 but have had some discussion with a developer on another board who is considering developing one.

Check out, they are working furiously on an SR20/22 model for FS2004, that, get this, will also do a full simulation of not only the Avidyne MFD and PFD, but also of BOTH Garmin 430s. You can see screenshots in their forum area. They have no estimate on delivery, but the screen shots are amazing.



Hi Ed

Thanks for answering the big question, (yes) the Cirrus models will work in FS2004.

BTW are there any other strange things like missing instruments other than the Garmin GPS, etc?


you mean like no airspeed or a/h?


I just did a quick flight around Seattle.

No missing instruments. Airspeed and AI behave normally. I don’t see a way to bring up even the basic GPS.

I don’t see a throttle (power) quadrant.

I didn’t try the nav radios, but the “Sandel” seemed to be working normally.

Let me know if you have any particular “tests” you’d like me to run.

When I set up the Cirrus panels for FS2000 and 2002, certain instruments were omitted if you did not have the “Pro” version. I do not have FS2004 yet. Does it have two versions as well?


I have the standard version. I don’t know if there’s a “Pro” version.

If there is, I haven’t seen it.

BTW, the standard version is really remarkable for the >$50 street price. I’ve pretty much abandoned the Elite software I was running on my Mac and running MSFS 2004 on a Windows laptop hooked up to a monitor.