Mentors needed for M-15

You’ve heard of Big Brothers - Big Sisters? M-15 needs experienced Migration participants to help out. Earn your “volunteer badge” and all you have to do is help out a by showing a new Migration participant, the ropes.

Perhaps give them a bit of guidance as to what to expect? Or, you might offer to introduce them to a few of your COPA friends. Ya know. Make them feel warm and fuzzy

Right now, about 1/3 of our attendees will be 1st time Migration goers. Some have requested a Mentor and we need some volunteers.

PLEASE HELP. COPA is a volunteer organization where every little bit helps.

They need you; we need you. Please drop me an email with

1)your Name,

  1. Phone #,

  2. Email address

  3. State of origin

I’ll try to pair you up with somebody near you.

Please. We just need a bit more help.

you know I will help Dennis, if you need me. Especially if lobster girl needs a hand.

Jim Penney

501- then 944-2824


Happy to help as a mentor.

Cindy Weber

214-415-2037 cell

Lost, bereft, abandoned and lonely.

Yup. A full 1/3rd of our attending members who will be 1st timers at Migration need the help and guidance of you old salts (one prior attendance qualifies you as an “old salt”)

We’ve had a few volunteer Mentors, but nowhere near enough. This will be the biggest Migration ever.

The following states have Mentee requests outstanding. We need you to help our your follow attendees because.

That’s just what we do

  • Nevada


    North Carolina


    Washington State


    West Virginia

    New Jersey



    New York

    **Kentucky **





    **Illinois **




    **As you can see, we have folks attending from all over. **

    Footnote: If you don’t volunteer, you will be reported to Santa Clause . . . and he won’t be happy.


Dennis, don’t want to tick off Santa (or you for that matter) so soon to Christmas. Put my name in the hat, please. I am based in WA State.



I’ve got one Migration - I guess that counts. Happy to help with New York, Brooklyn, even Staten Island and Jersey if needed.

I’ll send you a PM.