M14 Registration website is alive -- time to sign up!

Hi, folks!

The registration website for Migration 14 is now on-line! Thanks for waiting patiently while we finished up a few things. [:D] Without further ado, go here to register!

Despite having reviewed the website multiple times, I just noticed that we aren’t keeping a count of right-seaters that plan to attend the ever popular Partner-In-Command (PIC) class being taught by Mike Radomsky, its creator. The course is Friday morning - check the website for details. Sometime next week, we’ll add another option to the website to accumulate a headcount. Of course, there will be room for everyone, and the cost remains at $0.00. *So, there’s no reason to delay registration! *Sign up now, and simply revisit the website a little later to alter your registration, indicating your right-seater’s presence at the PIC course. [;)]

Hope to see you at Migration! [<:o)]

Blue skies,


I just made hotel reservations and they said it’s $195/night. Your email said this:

Our COPA group rate at IOLS is $145.00, plus tax, per night for standard rooms. (Various room upgrades are available – ask while registering.) Call 888-668-4352 or 218-726-1111 and mention “Migration 14” for the discounted rate!

Can you explain? I questioned her and she said that was not true.


The standard room rate is $145. Lake view rooms are $165. I booked one yesterday. Make sure they know it is for Migration / COPA.

I made a mistake and accidentally called the Comfort Suites and not the IOLS.

All is good now BUT they told me that since 2013 that DOGS are NOT ALLOWED!!! [:(] [8o|]

However, the Suites Hotel http://thesuitesduluth.com does and is only 1.5 blocks from the IOLS but closer the the convention center.

Fitgers http://fitgers.com also allows pets but is significantly more $235.99/night for city view. I like this hotel but it’s too far to walk to the convention center.

I thought about taking a chance and bringing them but not sure what would happen if the hotel caught me. As they say, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. These are world class spoiled doggies and my wife will not go anywhere without them and refuses to put them in a kennel. Now I need to make a decision on what to do. The other thing that I don’t like is they say you cannot leave the dogs in the room alone. Well how are we supposed to go out to dinner without leaving them? It’s a stupid rule IMHO. These dogs are very well behaved as most of you know from the many times we’ve attended Migration over the years. Too many rules.

Hi, Tom! I was wondering if you inadvertently called our alternate hotel - looks like you answered your own question. [;)]

Regarding your dogs, I don’t have any suggestions. For me, it’s enough of a challenge just coordinating lodging for people. If you must travel with your pets, I’ll leave that in your capable hands…

Blue skies,


Shyam, thanks for your quick response! [:D]


OK! We’ve updated the attendee M14 website to include an option to sign up for the PIC class on Friday morning. If your right-seater plans to attend, please log on and modify her/his registration. The part you want to modify is under “agenda”. Scroll down and you’ll see a new option following the factory tour selection. Just check the box.

This will allow us to have an accurate headcount for Mike R’s Partner-In-Command class.


From your Canadian neighbors. Would I assume US Customs will be at the FBO?



Tom, you just need to get them little “Service Dog” vests. Then you can take them everywhere including dinner. [;)]

For all 3 [;)]

Who is to judge how much support you need. hehe

Is there any class outline or syllabus for the Owner Maintenance Class on Thursday as to what is covered?



If those Chihuahua’s are like my Chihuahua’s Tom will be wearing the service vest not them [;)]


Great question. The class outlines the 32 specific preventative maintenance procedures you as owner and pilot are allowed to perform on your aircraft with an emphasis on how to do that legally, correctly and safely. We will review the reg’s in detail then go over what you need tool and documentation wise. Finally we will go over what you must do at the completion of the maintenance to return the aircraft to service. We will have some decowled R raft to review what’s under the hood as well.

I hope to see you there.

Just as an FYI to others – I just registered and the $145 rooms are gone – I had to get a two queen room for $159.

I saw your post and figured I better call quick to get something booked and they gave me a choice between a lake view king for $159 or a view King for $145. I booked the lake view.

I called 218-726-1111

Interesting. We tried to get a lake view room a few days ago and they told us they had no kings left and only Kings were the regular $145 rooms.

Sounds like there is some poor communication going on. [:#]

If they are truly service dogs, yes A vest is a great idea. But, if they are not service dogs don’t do it. Imposter service dogs are making it harder for people who really need them.

At this late date, rooms at the IOLS are in short supply. However, there are a few left! If you have difficulty reserving a room, try contacting Kim Chick. Kim is a long-time member of our Migration Planning Team as well as being Director of Sales for IOLS. Her contact information is: Direct 218.625.0406 , Hotel 218.726.1111 , Fax 218.727.3976 , & kchick@innonlakesuperior.com