Mandatory Mode S transponder in Europe

" ‘Eu-CoPa’ transponder response"

This is to answer to pilots flying in the initial, mandatory, mode S civil area in Europe.

(Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands)

The Garmin GTX 330 will suffice for the required Mode S

(but is not certified yet (of course) for example by the LBA).

The -D / diversity model is only needed for aircraft with a MTOW of 5700 kg / 12000 lbs.

So, this is good news for IFR flyers among us and VFR traffic starting 2008, IF Cirrus is able to equip our planes with the Garmin 330.

Of course another 100 will have to be re-equiped.

Also good news for US pilots wanting to trade up their current transponder to a Garmin 327 !

And the STC for DME / ADF of course also will have to be done for flying / filing IFR.

Jaap SR20 N262CD April 2003

(repost form the members forum for public use)

And no Traffic Information Service planned for by Eurocontrol.

“The next fase, with ADS-B maybe”


in one of the last German AOPA Letters they said that the Mode S requirement for IFR in Europe would definitely be postponed to March 2005. Is that correct?
We will soon be going for the first-time transponder and altimeter/static checks for our 20 so that would work out fine just until spring 2005 when we would change to Mode S.
Know any shop that can do the checks in the northern Germany area or so (FAA-approved!)?

What is the progress on the STC for a DME in the Cirrus?


Here’s what’s going on in this regard in the UK, from the web site:

Proposals to require the use of Mode S secondary surveillance radar equipment for aircraft flying in designated UK airspace have been published for consultation by the Civil Aviation AuthorityÂ’s Directorate of Airspace Policy.The CAA proposes to introduce Mode S throughout UK airspace in two stages: Mode S Enhanced Surveillance in notified Terminal Manoeuvring Areas (TMA) and en-route airspace from 31 March 2005, followed by Mode S Elementary Surveillance in all remaining UK airspace from 31 March 2008.The CAA is now consulting on the first stage of the strategy and has issued a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) describing the proposals in detail. This has been prepared to help airspace users judge the merits of the plans. The second stage of the implementation will be covered in a separate future proposal.In order to mandate the use of Mode S, the Air Navigation Order 2000 will need to be amended. The proposals have been circulated to members of the National Air Traffic Management Advisory Panel (NATMAC) and will also be sent to recipients of the CAA Safety Regulation GroupÂ’s Flight Operations Department communications.Comments on the proposals are invited by 24 January 2003.The RIA is available on the CAA website at:

There is not a lot of good things I can think of about Eurocontrol anyway!!! Just think of IFPS… it rejects perfectly consistent flight plans without rime or reason and at the same time it accepts totally stupid ones! It almost takes a university degree to learn how to file an IFR flight plan without it being rejected…ahhh, just revelling about my IFR-flights in the US…those were the days…

Nayak in Cologne is FAA certified.

Timm Preusser N747TG


Mode S

From the LBA / German FAA in this link for postponement

IFR/GAT ab / from 31.03.2003
alle / all VFR/GAT ab / from 31.03.2005

So you are right about VFR

Which leaves us no room. No initial word on implementation from Cirrus Design and also first there has to be an STC before retrofit / installation of a Garmin GTX 330 is possible I think.


Word is General Enterprises and Cirrus Design will work on an STC in the next 6 to 9 months (Yes, IFR has low priority) but please check yourself with both of them.

SR20 N262CD April 2003

I looked at the LBA web side and did not see Garmin as an approved Mode S equipment ?
I also wonder If there is a difference by having our birds N registered and not D ?
Can you put some light on this ?