I want to ask the community here if anyone has a guide to ADS-B out compliance for the Cirrus Aircraft. I have a G1 Cirrus with Avidyne MFD and Sandel HSI. There are two Garmin 430 Non WAAS and Garmin GTX327 transponder.

I have heard several stories from avionics shops that people are installing a lot of kits that are not certified. Most of the concerns with avionics on a Cirrus is because the aircraft fuselage is composite and not metal and therefore does not form a ‘Faraday Cage’ to protect the avionics from lightning or HIRF. I’m not really interested in turning the post into a side discussion about HIRF, which I thoroughly understand (I’m an aircraft engineer). What I don’t know very well is what kind of STC kits are available that are safe, approved, and comply with the ADS-B out requirements.

Simply put I’m looking to see what equipment I will need and what choices there are for us on the market now.

Thanks, and happy flying!


You have lots of legal options. There are probably thousands (if not tens of thousands) of posts on this. You might try using the search function.

At the simple end is putting in a ES transponder that has a GPS for ADS-B use (Stratus ESG, Garmin 345, Lynx) or a UAT box that has the same GPS and putting an antenna on the roof for that installation. You will get legal ADS-B out with that but not much else. Most of those systems provide ADS-B in for use on portable products.

Or you can upgrade your navigators to WAAS and the capabilities, implications and price go up from there. I just depends what you want.

It is an endless maze once you get there.

Come to Migration this weekend at Las Vegas. There are presentations on that very subject. Best of luck, it is a confusing maze of options and there are choices for any combination of budget and capabilities desired. You really need to wrestle with both of those issues to make a quality decision.

I installed a Garmin 335 . It is out only. It also gives you terrain and traffic. I upgraded my 430 to waas it works great I installed it 1 year ago. I will be happy to answer any questions

I put the GLD-82 in my G1 Cirrus. I have a similar set up to yours - Dual 430 (non waas) and Aspen PFD.

GLD 82 is out only. 1 day down time, no extra antenna on the top of the plane - 3k out the door.

ADS-B in on the ipad with the sentry.

Where did you have this done?


The GDL82 requires a new WAAS antenna somewhere; did you place it behind the glare shield?

Yes - it was mounted on a cross member which supports the panel.

If you are looking to get legal and happy with the current transponder you have (mine is a GTX327) then I think it is a good option

Also I like “Garmin” was behind it. Some of the upstart companies concern me regarding future support


Westwind Aviation at Phoenix/Deer Valley. Doug Burke

I started the process in April and completed in June. There was a good backlog from Garmin on the unit and Doug was pretty busy so plan for some lead time, probably the same story anywhere you go.



I understand the GDL82 is a relatively simple unit & and install, so can a CSC do this work, or must it be an avionics shop?


I have a G1 like yours and getting ready to have my shop install. Do you know where they physically located the GDL82 box?



Not Jim, but member Paul Jensen is installing a GDL82 and IIRC, he said it was going to be installed below the copilot’s floorboard. He has posted on this topic, but I have not seen an update lately, so don’t take my comment at face value. You could reach out to Paul directly.

Hi Al

They put the GLD box underneath the copilots floor board and made a mount just behind the MFD for the GPS antenna

Has been working with no issues, so happy to have it done and ready for 2020.