STC for DME and ADF (also long)

High All,

  • I’ve made some other post about the IFR requirements in Europe, and what is legally needed is at least a DME, but for a lot of approaches also ADF.

  • Cirrus Design originaly promised the DME, ADF and second altimeter option for $15.500 in 1999.[:(]

  • General Enterprises, the authorised sales and maintanence center for Europe was promised some layouts for were to drill holes for the antenna’s, but C.D. was not willing to do the engineering. Now it seemes to them it takes to much legal stuff with the FAA and 3 weeks for a D.A.R. to get this done, and they are backing out of it.

  • About 20% of all Cirri are delivered to Europe.

  • The SR20 2.1 I hope to get in April has some room (because the lacking Stec 55) for an ADF, and a remote DME, the King KN63 could be used with the 572 indicator, coupled to the Garmin 430 for channel selection, and the Sandel as a display I think. Besides this stuff, a Garmin GTX 330D, mode S transponder (2"" longer than the the 327) would be needed starting 2005 to meet legal obligation.

  • Am I on the right track ???

  • Can anyone recommend a specialised avionics shop (near Duluth ?) who would be willing to provide for this STC ?

  • How many Pilots / option holders would be willing to join the efford for getting this STC and share the cost of placing the stuff, C.D. promised ?

Your help would be appreciated.


Jaap J. Dito

I’m still in contact with G.E. for the DME and hope to have some proposal by the end of the year.

However, you do NOT need an STC. You need an 337 Field Approval. This is much easier in USA. You might want to contact Southeast Aero in St. Augustine, FL - they have lots of experiences with 337s for SR20 / SR22. It’s a nice flight from Duluth anyway.

Should you get the 337 before I get mine, please let me know. Only the first one has to go through all the hassle…

Also, I’m still working on the European silencerproect - hope to get a real STC for this next year.


Timm Preusser

Jaap, it would probably be cheaper just to emigrate![:)]