M14 - Out of room at Inn on Lake Superior!


The Inn on Lake Superior is full! However, there are still rooms available at our alternate hotel: Comfort Suites Canal Park. Comfort Suites is literally across the street from IOLS. So, distance isn’t a factor, and you won’t need to rent a car. Visit our registration website here for contact info.

CU at Migration!


I will add to Craig’s post that I both registered and booked my hotel last Sunday and found that not only was IOLS booked solid, but Comfort Suites said it had no remaining Migration 14 rooms (COPA’s blocked rooms) left, but somehow managed to find me a room, but at a higher price.

Mike, I just contacted Comfort Suites. You were given some misinformation. At of now (8/17/16 @ 2250Z), there are 47 rooms remaining in our COPA Migration 14 reservation block. And, their rate is $195/night. (The less expensive rate was only at the IOLS, our primary/host hotel.) Please contact them (again) and let them know that you are part of the COPA Migration 14 group so they know they received a booking from us. That’s a potential help for COPA in any future negotiations.




Thanks for the updated information.

I just spent nearly a half hour on the phone with four individuals from the Duluth Comfort Suites and they had a very difficult time identifying the COPA Migration 14 group, then advised once they found it that the $195 / night rate offer had expired on August 8th and was no longer available.

In my case, after AAA discounts, I have separate rates for each night, but my peak booked rate on 9/10 is $269/night + “taxes and other charges”.

That’s fine and it is my issue since I was unable to commit to the event until last Sunday. It will still be great fun and I look forward to seeing everyone.


Craig, I appreciate the work volunteers do, but the hotel absolutely refuses to acknowlege existence of any discount for Migration 14. I called 5:40pm pdt, talked to their resevations desk, and the fellow claimed complete ignorance.

It’s my belief that COPA (and you) are being played as the fellow kept saying I should make reservation anyway. When I asked, repeatedly, if the rate would be $195 per night, he repeatedly evaded the question with some non-response. I aked him to please respond with “yes” or “no”, and when he evaded again, I bid him good night and hung up.

At one point he asked for a “file number” to assist in finding a discount. Is there such thing?

Edit: the “best” rate I was offered was 210 Thursday and 299 each Sat and Sun, so I did not just shrug and “go with the flow.” I see a business recognizing interest in their product and jacking up prices rather than honoring existing agreements.

Mike, thanks for the feedback. It turns out that our formal agreement with Comfort Suites expired on August 8th. I’ve been trying for the last several days (without success) the reach Rachel Birkholm, their sales manager, and possibly extend our deadline to the end of this month. But, I’m not holding out any significant degree of hope since only a relative few rooms in our block reservation have been rented to date. Comfort Suites normal Sept. rates are much higher than our block room rate. And, since they aren’t weren’t our primary hotel, they’re probably not highly incentivized…


Craig, I was told by Comfort Suites that Rachel is on vacation. You might have better luck next week.

Interesting! I was told she was in the office on two consecutive days but reached only her voice mail. What confusion… Your answer certainly explains why she hasn’t returned my email or voice messages.

At this late date, I don’t have a better suggestion. Perhaps the hotel will elect to honor their previous agreement after I can discuss the situation with Rachel. We’ll see. In the meanwhile, Comfort Suites is still the closest, most convenient lodging since IOLS is full. Of course, people who rent transportation can locate other options that may or may not be less expensive…


I spoke yesterday evening with Rachel Birkholm, the manager at the Comfort Suites in Canal Park. She asks that attendees please call her directly at 218-727-1378 and she will make sure you get the “Migration 14” discounted room price. If she doesn’t answer, please leave a message with your name, dates and that you are looking for the Migration 14 pricing with a call-back number.

Be safe and have fun,


Hi All.

i just released my room at Inn on the Lake as, regrettably I am not going to be able to make M14. Hope all have a great time.


Added mention this is not at the block rate.