M14 - how are you getting there?

We call it “migration” because a large collection of GA aircraft (mostly Cirri) from all over North America are headed for the same destination. For some of us, flying a long cross-country is old hat - something we relish and do frequently. And, for some COPANs, just flying out-of-state is a new adventure undertaken with a little more hesitation. Regardless of your flight experience, I believe that you’ll find planning your trip to M14 at Duluth, MN to be relatively simple. The terrain surrounding Duluth is reasonably flat; the airspace is unencumbered. And, when the website comes on-line (soon, very soon!), you’ll see that our arrival/departure procedures (whether VFR or IFR) are quite straightforward.

Since getting there is “half the fun” for the folks sitting in the left-seat, I thought that I’d initiate a thread where we could share a few thoughts regarding routes to Duluth. Since I’m down here in Chandler, AZ (KCHD is in the Phoenix Valley), I have the southern end of the Rockies to consider - see below:

Personally, I enjoy seeing the terrain and tend to fly at lower altitudes rather than higher ones. So, assuming it’s VMC and unless I can pick up a great tailwind by flying in the teens, I’ll probably make the flight at 9.5K’ or 11.5K’ and fly over the Albuquerque area before heading more directly to Duluth. A quickie no-winds flight plan from ForeFlight indicates that I can make Mc Cook, Nebraska (KMCK) before I need fuel. (Right now, they have the cheapest fuel in the area!) Their FBO has a crew car, and I’ll probably use it to find a local eatery. Just in case my VMC expectation isn’t met, KMCK also has several instrument approaches. After Mc Cook, I’ll be “direct KDLH” - easy peasy!

I’ll probably bring along my portable O2 bottle in case I need to fly higher to pick up that tailwind or climb to IFR MEAs.

How are you planning to get to Duluth? Please share your thoughts with the rest of us! [:D]


Mine’s a little easier and it has to be VFR. hehe


My flight plan on the way out will be KCHD YOTES.YOTES3 DLL KOSH. Will be 3 hrs 55 minutes without any winds. Hoping for a tailwind so I can make it direct. If not, will stop in Omaha for cheap Jet fuel. Preferrably at FL390-410. Way back, I will stop at KAPA for very cheap fuel and lunch. FL380-400. Should be easy. Showing up Thursday around noon and leaving Sunday morning. Hope to see you there. [;)]

Direct from Oklahoma will put me through two class B areas so I’ll probably file two separate plans around those. Plus doing two 2 hour 15 minute legs will make the wife happier than one 4.5 hour leg. [H]. Otherwise a nice straight shot north.

If weather is VFR then I’ll straighten it out even more, turn on some tunes and enjoy the ride. Not much in the way of special airspace between Ada and KDLH

Hey, going direct can be a very good thing! [:D]


Hi, Joe! For grins, I plugged your route into ForeFlight. Everything made sense to me … until KOSH. Hope to see you at AirVenture AND Migration. [;)]


The more appropriate question for me is: “How am I planning on getting back?”

I’m flying my SR20 to Duluth, probably via ABQ, ACH, direct. That part is easy.

After M14, Monaco starts my CAPS repack, then 2 weeks later, Midwest will attempt to turn my ugly duckling into a swan. I should pick it up Thanksgiving weekend.

Anybody able to give me a ride back to SoCal? Or close?

Hi, Jeff! Here’s hoping it’s VFR … and that you still have that 13 kt. tailwind. [;)]


Scott, I can get you back to the PHX area. I plan to fly back on Sunday … although I wasn’t thinking about an early departure. I need to stick around until mid-to-late morning. Maybe someone can do you a little better… [:^)]


Assuming I have my plane back (it should be) I could get you Phoenix too. Although I will leave a day or two later - at least a board meeting for one day… You might want to stay for that.

Oops. Was thinking Oshkosh, not M14. [:$]. Same flight plan though just delet the DLL and KOSH and replace with KDLH.

This will possibly come under the heading of “truly arduous,” but I’m up for the challenge:

I forsee the walk from the parking garage by the hockey rink to the second floor of the DECC to present the greatest challenge. [:D]

Wow, Joe,

i have attended every Migration since 2006. It will be great to see you there. Are you placing a Vision Jet order?

LOL! That jet of yours goes so many places it’s difficult to keep track. [:D]


Make sure you get a good weather briefing and have the tanks topped off! Hmmmmm. On second thought, maybe you’re better off draining the “tanks”… [;)]


KDLH is a direct flight for me from KAMW, so it should be a nice easy one!

May be able to get you to N California. KSTS (Santa Rosa) and a Horizon flight to KLAX

Thanks but right now Phoenix is a better offer. Southwest to BUR only $49 [:D]

I can get you back. I’d love to have the chance to fly with you.

Short & sweet! [Y]