Flying to Migration 13

I enjoy thinking about possible routing well before it’s necessary. It might just be a pilot version of day-dreaming - don’t know. Anyway, I thought that I’d offer my potential route to M13. It’s pretty simple. Living in the southwest where it’s usually “severe clear”, I’ll probably go VFR and use Flight Following. Here’s a potential route from an iPad snapshot out of ForeFlight:

Of course, this far in advance, the 5+10 ETE doesn’t include winds. And, flying east, I’ll probably pick up a tailwind. However, I’m not in any particular hurry. So, I’ll probably climb to only 7.5K’ and enjoy the scenery. I could climb higher, lean things out, and perhaps make it a nonstop trip. (My personal minimum for fuel is to land with an hour in the tanks.) But, about the time I’m over E11, 1 BDU (Bladder Distance Unit) will have elapsed. Plus, they have inexpensive fuel. And, I like stopping at little, out-of-the-way places anyway. So, I’ll probably land there to take on fuel and off-load the morning coffee.

How are you planning to get to Migration? Maybe we should have a prize for the longest route! IIRC Peter & Lisa Burnie flew all the way to Las Vegas from Nova Scotia for M12!


KVNY to KABQ, then on to M13. About 7 hours in the SR20…


FWIIW - on my trip to M12 - we stopped BOTH DIRECTIONS at a little Texas town - DUMAS TX - they treated us well, gave us the crew car, provided full service (at the self serve ramp) at very fair fuel price. We drove downtown (3 miles) and had a nice lunch on the way TO m12 - we actually spent the night on the way home.


That’s what I was thinking. Are you going to do it in one day Scott?

I’m also departing from KVNY if anyone wants to ride share and doesn’t mind going on oxygen.

Estimating 5.5 hours, 85gallons, with an average tailwind.

+1 for Dumas KDUX

just about the cheapest fuel around, great people

Our usual stop between KGTU and 46U

Scott, you’re certainly making good time in your '20. [H] My '22 would probably take ~6+35 (no wind) and burn ~90 gal. I’d be tempted to stop at Mid Valley (E98) just south of KABQ for fuel. It’s $4.45 rather than the $6.09 that Cutter’s charging at Albuquerque. But, then Mid Valley looks to be a pretty small place - no idea about food, etc.



I just checked my wall map (with a pin at every place I’ve ever landed) and discovered that I’ve been there! I have a vague recollection of a small airport with very friendly folks. I’d stop there this time if it wasn’t so far north of my current route. [;)]



Stopped there for fuel. “That’s all folks!” Very small, low end air park. Rwy is 37’ wide I think. Not a sole around. Had some issue w/ pump, don’t remember, improvised. Porta potty w/ stick for latch. No transportation, did see some kind of quick stop across hwy which closely parallels rwy, maybe could get something to eat there, quarter mile ? Would I stop again … ?

Yikes! Thanks, Randy. I like small, out-of-the-way places but… [:P]



Housebound for the moment (waiting for a repairman) so did some pilot day dreaming about our trip from Dayton KMGY to Addison KADS for Migration. IFR flight plan via (airways) can save 9 minutes overall by going direct (which is a option). Will make a biology/ snack stop probably at Walnut Ridge KARG (assuming fuel prices and local members think its a good choice.) It breaks the 5 hour 11 minute trip in half and fits the BDU profile. Plans out around 68 Gal fuel (conservative @ 14 gph) usually burn less than 13 LOP, 762 miles. Perfect trip for our super cross country machine. Leave at reasonable hour, and due to time change still be there for lunch after a snack at KARG. Of course weather could change the plan but a little adventure makes cross country flying just that much more fun. I should hasten to add that September is one of the best flying weather months of the year, so low probability of weather adventures.


I’m doing it in one day. If you are going turbo in one day, let’s plane-pool. I need to get home on the Sunday for a meeting Monday morning.


Sounds like a great trip! Breaking up your 5+11 flight into two legs makes it pleasant and doesn’t leave one anxious to bolt from the cockpit upon arrival. Like you, I like flying in September. The heat of summer is usually on the wane, and generally weather is great for flying. Just thinking about it makes me want to head for the hangar…


Updated PIREP for E11 (Andrews County, TX). Good quick turn low-cost fuel stop, easy in, easy out. We hit moderate turbulence heading SW toward KELP, spring winds off the NM mountains create some good bumps. Don’t recall the fuel price and (see pic) didn’t go back to fuel station for receipt…

There is a rest stop on Hwy 287, somewhere around Childress, Tx (I think), with a simular sign and warning to “stay on the sidewalks”. Very good advise, by the way.


Yikes! Although we do have rattlers in AZ where I’m based, they aren’t so prevalent as to warrant a sign!! Sheesh…

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