COPA M12 Migration Registration Open

For those that frequent the COPA WHAT’s NEW page, you see the countdown timer and registration link is now displayed. It went up yesterday on 6-28-2014 at @ 10:00 AM EDT.

Eric Prim from Spring, TX and his wife won for being the first to register. Who will be number 100 and 500?

Recommend all others go and register as soon as you can. Also make sure you register with the hotel. Link on the COPA registration site.

Go here to register.

That’s right! The M12 websites are up and running! After a very busy couple of weeks, things seem to be bug-free (fingers crossed) with accurate information and RegOnline functionality. There are actually two different websites: one for “normal” attendees (that’s you and me) and one for Exhibitors. As John has already said, here is the one for COPA members . If you intend to be an Exhibitor, go to the Exhibitor site.

I hope to see you at Migration!