TFR's during M12

Hi All,

I just got off the phone with the FAA concerning TFR’s during this fly-in week to M12 in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately there are a significant number of VIP events (especially on the west coast) that will result in TFR’s. At a minimum, I know of KPDX, KSFO, KBFL, KLAX and KLAS TFR’s starting today and running through Friday. Some only last a few hours on one day, some are all day and night…

None of these are anything unusual although if President Obama does end up in LAX on Thursday and Friday (as is believed), that specific TFR will result in a large 30 mile ring.

All of this is just to say that EVERYONE, regardless of your departure point and route, needs to make sure you get a proper briefing that includes TFR’s during the time period you are flying and the route you are on.

Everybody fly safe - see you soon.


As long as Obama doesn’t decide to land in Vegas we should be set with good planning.

And if he did, we would all be screwed.

Thanks for the heads up. How about weather? Anyone providing migration weather updates as in previous years?

If not, maybe the weather gurus can comment on remnants of former Hurricane Simon and the southern route? Thanks.

Joe, I’m not one of those weather gurus you’re referring to, but…

I flew from Columbus, GA (KCSG) to El Paso, TX (KELP) yesterday, and after 8 hours of flying, decided to overnight here in El Paso. I woke up this morning to those remnants from Simon that you’re referring to. I don’t like what I’m seeing on radar right now, nor do I like this afternoon’s forecast, for my normally aspirated, non-oxygen, route of flight, so I’m hoping for better either later this afternoon (doubtful) or tomorrow morning. We’ll see.



While in EL Paso if you are around the Airport, go have lunch at:

Dominics Italian
6901 Montana AV


You need to try their Osso Buco with Angel Hair.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 11.38.05.png

Thanks for the suggestion Alex. I’m actually staying at the Marriott - literally right next to Dominics. If I get a chance I certainly will!