Located near KSUS, St. Louis -- Interested in a potential Partnership on a Cirrus SR20


I’m a new Private Pilot with all my hours in a 172 – but would be interested in going in for a partnership potentially on a Cirrus SR20.

I’ve never been up in one; so that’ll be the first step to make sure it fits my mission (continued training, short family trips.)

I’m located in Weldon Spring, MO – so KSUS would be the field of choice as I’m only about 5m from there.

If interested, feel free to contact me.


I would drive over to (KSUS) Mistwood Aviation and talk to John, he has a nice SR-20 on the ramp and an instructor available… easy kill of two birds, you can get some instruction and fly an SR-20 and see if it fits you.

Great suggestion! I’ll reach out to John over at Mistwood.